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I miss Tokyo life..
I was going through my photos and realized that I left out a lot of random photos from my trip last month.  I wish I took more.  My trip was so busy this time, I really didn't even have enough time to sleep!  But I did get to see a lot of friends and successfully did everything that I went there to do.  Firstly, let me say that the Hayfever was craaaazy. (hence my mask) 
  I was staying with a friend and this was my morning everyday.
Rush Hour. Gotta love it.
  After visiting the backstage of all the Maybelline sponsored shows, I often went for coffee with these girls.  We found some random cafe's and had so much fun just talking about girly stuff and about my life in LA.  It was their fist time to see me without baby zooey for a while.

 This is at the 42nd floor of the Roppongi Grand Hyatt where we had lunch with Maybelline's PR.
 Thanks for the Yummy Lunch Nami!!!

 Before that we had an interview at J-WAVE with Ayako.
 and I met Kimoto san from TKO.

 I visited some showrooms-- My favorite brand SRETSIS
 I found these treasures at the PR01 SHOWROOM!!! GAH! 
K3 flatform sandals!!!
 We also went to Narita so that Caroline could be interviewed by Shaula LIVE on Bay FM.
 Isn't Hamilton so cute? 

 Then the Maybelline Party happened. One reason that I went to Tokyo this time was to help with this event.  This party was SO MUCH FUN! Everyone that I wanted to come, came. Thank you!!!

photo by Kailin
(yes I'm wearing Lip Polish!)

 The first day of Fashion week was intense.

These were my favorite coats. You can see the rest of my report here:

At Sretsis front row with Caroline and Beni
 Sitting front row at Atsushi Nakashima
you can see my report here: MY REPORT
Dressed / Undressed -- SEE REPORT HERE:
 also having the cutest stuff - YURI chan
 my girls 


 OMG- LOVE LOVE LOVED this show!!

 the always dark ALICE AUAA

 Caroline x Shaula
Interview with MTV




Mayu's nails

Maya at Roomslink

Dario at Roomslink

What I wore to the Fleamadonna show
random theater dinner show. so fun.

Onitsu Tiger after party with IA.

I will say, that since having Baby Zooey, I often avoided Rush Hour because it wasn't very baby friendly with the stroller.  It reminded me of when I first moved to Tokyo and was often riding the train to work early in the morning and catching the train to go back after my last lesson.  The atmosphere didn't change at all, everyone still went on doing what they do without bothering anyone.  It's easy to detach from everyone and just be, individual.    

I came home to this puppy everyday.  I miss her!! I hope that she can play with Baby Zooey one day!

I think everyone who has been reading my blog has been wondering what I'm really up to lately.  I think that I've been unconsciously keeping it mysterious, but realize that it's time to just let everyone know what I've been doing..where I am, and what my plans are.  

I can't go into the details now, but I will say that I have moved back to California with my family, and still plan to continue to travel back to Tokyo for work that I find fits what I want to do.  I definately miss working there, but certain circumstances have influenced my decision to take a break from it for a bit.  I will admit that becoming a mother has changed a lot for me but it has not made it the end of the world.  I am more ambitious and motivated than ever but am not ready to announce anything yet.  

A few things will change with my blog-- 
Firstly, I want to change the design and make it less dark and party report like-- I'm sure a lot of you are thinking...FINALLY! I'm such a snail about it. haha

I will not stop reporting about events..but the type of events I will be attending will change..I want to show the difference between the Party / FASHION EVENT Scene in LA vs. TOKYO.  

So c'mon me what you got!!!!?

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