Saturday, August 27, 2011

Foster The People - Pumped Up Kicks

doesn't this song have one of those really addicting hooks?
love it.


Friday, August 26, 2011

GOOD BYE LA...for now..

What a dreadful morning at LAX airport.....I can't wait to be back in Tokyo...where the customer service is SO MUCH BETTER.  I was supposed to be on JAL but because of a code share bin thingy ma jig...American Airlines will be servicing this flight.  I want to thank the lady at the customer service counter for helping me the Staff at the TICKET CHECK IN COUNTER was SOOO MEAN! (PLEASE DONT LOSE MY BAGGAGE!!!!) Anyway I'll be back in Southern California again in 10 days for my wedding...(This time flying SINGAPORE AIR..god please help me..) So Yes, it's finally happening..I am going to have an actual wedding...I think it's going to be fun..with 100 of my family members and 11 of Ryota's. HEHE..  I MISS MY HUBBY SOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!! Anyhow, I should board now..See you all in TOKYO!!


Thursday, August 25, 2011


 the OBEY guys heeh 

I tried out the black & white function on my new ricoh..not bad! 

 sorry for the mad photos of Larry it was just too much fun!

 ooh then we discovered THIS GUY..

 THEM JEANS needs to come back to TOKYO!!!


thanks Nancy for coming with meee! 

I heart Larry Tee because he is the same age as my papa YONE! ♥
(and they dance alike when they dj. HEHE )
I have to say it was a very interesting night in Orange County and the music made me feel like I was back at WOMB or AIR in Tokyo...I was very impressed with the sound system here at YOST Theater.  I'm glad DIM MAK is reaching down to Orange County! Need good music & parties everywhere! ..and tho I don't live here anymore, if I ever moved back to the OC...I'd probably come play at this party every week. HEHE Thank you DIM MAK! Me back to TOKYO TOMORROW so see you in TOKYOOOOOOO! Party til you die.........


Tuesday, August 23, 2011


The Italian Bag Brand, FURLA will have a renewal opening on September 3rd, 2011 at their GINZA store and to celebrate this, they will have a special event at the store on September 2nd! I heard a very famous fortune teller named Ryuji Kagami will be at this event!  This event will be INVITATION ONLY, BUT...a few people will be chosen to attend if they simply follow the instructions on the FURLA JAPAN FACEBOOK PAGE! The first step is to 'like' the page then you can follow the instructions from there! after you 'いいね' the page you will see this photo below....

after that, just follow the instructions and easily enter to win a chance to join this event.  As you know I ♥ FURLA (hence my CANDY BAG) so I will definately be there! To all my lovely readers, I hope to see you there!! xoxo


i heart DIM MAK ♥

 i stopped by the DIM MAK office on the way home yesterday..
 for those who don't know about DIM MAK, it's Steve Aoki's label. 

 meet steve's dog and my brother Jacob ♥ soooo CUTE...

 look at all my goodies♥love them!
you can get your DIM MAK SUMMER T's HERE on their website!

finally..a DIM MAK party in Orange County!
more info here: YOST THEATRE
I go back to TOKYO friday so this is a good last party for meee



Remember the super fun party at FRED SEGAL last friday to celebrate the launch of RON HERMAN x CASIO TRYX? Unfortunately The Cobrasnake was on tour with Steve Aoki and couldn't make it but I saved him a camera hehe I can't wait to see what kind of fun pictures he will be taking with it!  To see what type of pictures the surfers and skaters are taking now you can check the TRYX site here: Ron Herman x CASIO DIGITAL PROJECT...
Mark is just too cute isn't he? I learned about his new online shop which you can check out here: THE COBRASNAKE VINTAGE ONLINE SHOP.  I had a chance to look in the closets to see what kind of stuff he had...looooove it ALL!!!! They ship ALL OVER THE WORLD!!! マークさんは可愛くない?!彼のサイトでオンラインビンテージショップやってるよ!日本におくるからVINTAGEが好きな人見てください!ここ見てね:THE COBRASNAKE ONLINE SHOP日本語がないけど、簡単だよ!みんな英語勉強しなくちゃ!!!HEHE
I got some goodies from Mark. 

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