Saturday, January 21, 2012


Dear all, this post is super LATE..and I deeply apologize.  I just recently MOVED..and didn't have internet for a few days!!!!!! But anyhow, let me just share that I went to visit LIBRE EBISU... finally.  This libre burrito is in EBISU, located about 2 minutes outside of the EAST EXIT.  Just go down the hill when you go out of the station and make a LEFT toward KOMAZAWA DORI when you hit the big street.  I'd refer to the map if you are not sure.. hehe It's next to a shop called Kitchen 101.

so there is a NEW MENU...salads..taquitos..burrito bowls...OMG!
For those of you scared of the radiation..the meat is all from overseas...

 burrito & nachos


and guess what..they made an ORIGINAL SPICY SAUCE!!!!!!!!!!
(for those of you that LOVE SPICY SAUCE) hehe

for more info, check here: LIBRE BURRITO

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