Thursday, September 10, 2015


I can't believe that it's already September. Summer flew by SO fast. I can't even remember what I did yesterday because of this mom brain (yes it's real!) but I do remember going to Disneyland a lot with Zooey.  
 Investing in a premium annual pass is the best decision that I have ever made!!! When we don't have any plans, I just take Z to Disneyland.. Isn't she a lucky girl.

Now, back to reality. Motherhood. Motherhood is HARD. Fun, but HARD.
Do you ever watch your child sleep and wonder to yourself, wow, I made that little person and he/she is growing into a little mini me. But, am I doing enough? Shoot, I didn't have time to read to her last night, am I a terrible mother? She didn't eat any veggies for dinner and only ate the rice and she getting all the required vitamins and nutrients!? 

I constantly feel guilty about things that I can't control. I applaud the moms who are on a routine and schedule.   It's impossible for me to get Zooey to bed at a reasonable hour (is it 8pm these days?) but she does sleep until 8:30-9:00AM and takes 2-3 hour Naps in the middle of the day when she's not at school. Note: I've chosen not to have a 9-5 job because I find happiness in doing freelance PR / Social Media for clients that I love, which means my working hours are kind of all over the place and I'm kind of on the computer and my phone a lot..But this problem is under control and when Zooey calls for me, I go to her as quickly as I can. the end of the night before I go to bed...I still contemplate about the day..

Am I doing Motherhood wrong? 
What did I not do today that I should have done?
I'll try better tomorrow I say...

 What I've learned about Zooey is this...

Her vocabulary is growing. She can speak Japanese, Vietnamese and English. She will automatically speak to you in the language that she knows you speak. If she accidentally says something in Japanese and you give her that 'huh?' She will say it in English. 

She can use chopsticks while eating rice.

She loves to draw and is drawing shapes and is still trying to perfect her Minnie Mouse.

She's well behaved (unless we sit somewhere for way too long)

She LOVES to sing. She can listen to a song once and can sing along to it when she hears it again. 
She likes to sing pop songs which might have some inappropriate lyrics. 
She sometimes closes her eyes when she sings and is really into it. 

She has passed me in Instagram followers.

She understands when she has a photo shoot and totally performs.

She just learned how to ride a scooter. She has already mastered her bicycle with training wheels.

She's very thoughtful and will help you when she can. 

 This face!! When I look at her and when she tells me she loves me my heart just melts!
So, I am not raising her exactly by the book, but she seems to be doing just fine. I sometimes have to take a step back and tell myself to stop being so hard on myself. If you're thinking how I'm thinking, then you're doing just fine too!! You're trying the best that you can to keep your child above water and that's all that matters! Stop comparing yourself to other moms. You're amazing. Now go tell your child you love them and give them a kiss.

 On another note, I started a hashtag series with my friend Julia of AVGVSTA for Zooey and her daughter LALA..If you haven't already seen it click here ---> #zooeyandlala
Anyhow, I just wanted to touch base because I haven't posted since Playground. I've become a horrible blogger too (but Zooey hasn't! Check her blog here: Zooey In The City)


Saturday, August 22, 2015


August 17-19th, 2015 marked the 2nd season of The Playground Show at MAGIC MARKET WEEK.  Zooey and I were invited as the Official Bloggers for the show and I have to say it was a very busy and successful experience! Everytime I walked the floor there were always people in booths and I often found myself having to wait a bit before I could take a photo of the booth or even get a minute with the designers or showroom reps!! (If you do see an empty booth, it's because everyone was camera shy!) I also loved the layout of the floor this season and the white carpet floors made the hall feel very clean and bright. The Playground Show is fit for all types of buyers and I'll be listing some brands in categories below, but before I do, I wanted to thank MODIFY 101 for providing the show with amazing denim tote bags!

(please note: I was not able to feature all brands)


All kids need innerwear! From basic undershirts and legging to undies and socks, TRIMFIT had a nice big booth displaying their items. They mentioned they were starting to make shoes as well.  

 Do I spy little Zooey

My favorite pieces.

Fun and soft pajamas and home wear for boys & girls!


A Spanish Brand that has been around for over 70 years with over 100 designers contributing their brand.  Their objective is to create affordable products without compromising quality. They make clothes for babies and kids up to age 18! 

 Perfect for Baby + Mommy

Hailing from New York, Anais & I is a brand that offers both fashionable and functional clothes. Their simplistic yet very cute designs make their clothes wearable through out the day for all types of occasions.  How convenient is this for a mom who has kids that need to go to piano lessons after school then a dinner party at grandmas? (assuming they didn't dirty their clothes at school!) 

Very cute accessories and cute undies.

Kid's clothes are hard to design yet the Kardashians did it. Recently, they also launched a collection for boys.  While the girl's clothes are quite girly, the boys clothes have an assortment of everyday basics as well as fancy clothes for a fancy occasion. I wasn't disappointed when I passed by this booth and even let Zooey play a little dress up in the new faux fur coat!  

So very chic isn't she. Tho it doesn't get hot enough in Southern California, I really want this coat for Zooey when it comes out this holiday season!

A high-end, made in USA brand made for girls to wear to social occasions.  This brand is perfect for girls who love to be girly, and sweet with a sophisticated touch. Their goal is to make your child feel more beautiful when she wears it.      

As you can see, Zooey loved it and said 'I'm so beautiful' while trying on this dress!

A playful children's brand that is environmentally friendly and hand-made with the craftsmanship from India.

A very cute collection with hand-made accessories and clothing.

A romantic young girl's brand created under the brand Molly Bracken

A very colorful and girly brand inspired from Love and Flowers


Denim and clothing for boys. 

A clothing line for boys aiming to make boys more 'hip'.  As mom's with boys always say, boys clothes are SO BORING, and Troy James aims to change that.  Another cool aspect about this brand is their reusable packaging which is stackable and environmentally friendly!

A 'Made in LA' boys brand striving to make comfortable yet fun clothes for boys. 


Foldable Ballerina flats for girls

An environmentally friendly kids shoe brand made in Italy.

An eco friendly baby & toddler moccasin brand made from recycled leather and suede.


Originally a footwear and accessories brand but recently launched a children's active wear line!

so perfect for school!

Playful accessories made by Stay home moms.

These gummy bags smell like candy and are 100% washable!
emoji bracelets + hair ties.

(represented by Wendy's Closet Showroom in the US)
Offers hard to find, Eco-friendly children's products varying from toys, to home decor! These sustainable wooden toys are made with Veggie Dyes! How safe do you feel when your kids are putting these toys in their mouths!?

Fashionable Sunglasses with for kids ages 5-12 that have 100% UV protection, polarized lenses and are impact-resistant!

A Japanese kids clothing brand that is simple but fun!

Bohemian Girls clothes that are easy to wear - meaning no zippers or buttons!

Fun graphic T's, shorts, leggings, trucker hats for boys and girls.

Playful organic cotton clothes with a futuristic design for kids up to 6 years old!

A brand that supports mother's in need. If you buy something, they will donate to a mother and child in need. What a wonderful concept!


These brands believe in eco-friendly, organic cotton.  I recommend clicking the BRAND NAME to learn more about them. 

(represented by Wendy's Closet Showroom in the US)

A distributor for brands made in Europe. They represent brands that use sustainable or natural processes and materials while making their products.



We loved the design of this booth so much Zooey even took a little nap inside the TEEPEE while wearing L+W! 
(just kidding about the napping!)

Finally, I'd like to apologize to brands that were not featured on this post.  Please know that this isn't because your brand was not worthy! It looked like all the brands did very well! If you are a buyer and were not able to attend this season, I highly recommend attending next season! Thank you Playground Show for inviting us! We had a blast!

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