Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Hi.. This is one of those really late night posts where I'm feeling a little nostalgic and missing Tokyo..So it's been about a year and a half now since we moved back to the states from Tokyo and I'm still trying to find my place here.  I'm starting to find it slowly tho and meeting a lot of wonderful friends along the way! While I'm not feeling as influential as I used to be in Tokyo, I was flattered to be featured on Style Haus in Japan recently and was reminded of all my accomplishments and amazing things that I've done in the past. Everything was challenged the moment I became a mother. Motherhood is hard. Raising a child is HARD. It might seem like I'm always doing fun things with Zooey but we only share the best moments on social media! I praise all those moms who have the time and energy to do super fun things with their kids and travel together as a family.  Balancing work, maintaining a healthy marriage and raising a child are a few of the hardest challenges that I've had to face in life but at the end of the day, looking at my daughter Zooey's face while she's sleeping fills my heart with so much love.. and I tell myself every night, as long as I try harder tomorrow, I'm not the worst mother in the world.  

I haven't been going out as often as I would like and will be focusing more on Zooey's blog from now.  I feel a little underwhelmed at the events here in LA and being that I used to love reporting about events, it's been disappointing to not be able to take great photos that are worthy of posting..The party scene here just hasn't been as interesting as the party/fashion scene in TOKYO. I think I'm just a hard critic tho because I've seen it ALL! I'm still up for attending the events tho so if you are a brand or PR company that needs some coverage, feel free to reach out to me and we'll go from there. On another note, Zooey and I will be going to PLAYGROUND in Las Vegas to cover the Kids Show! Please follow along with us on this adventure!

Anyhow, this feature on Style Haus is mostly in for those of you who can read Japanese here you go! There's a little bit about my history in English too. ❤️


Thursday, June 18, 2015


Zooey and I stopped by the Mr. Kate #ahotgluegunmess Book Launch Party the other week at Space 15 Twenty. It was cute. 

Zooey got to choose a flower from Bloom That.
Amy was Djing.
Amy + Zooey
It started getting crowded when we got there..
So we grabbed some free ice cream from McConnell's. They didn't have Vanilla so Zooey didn't have any.. 
I didn't have enough hands to hold a drink so I didn't get to try these delicious looking Diabolo Sodas.

Zooey met Kate.
They talked about nails.

The line to buy her book got super long..

Then we found a photobooth inside Urban Outfitters! I was so shocked that Zooey understood about the props. You can see the photo here ... She didn't want to leave...

 but it was time to go home..

Zooey's #OOTD
Dress: Ode To Jeune
Satchel: Kate Spade for Baby Gap
Boots: Dr. Martens

More info: Mr. Kate


Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Last weekend Zooey and I went to the Launch Party of Hedley and Bennett's Mini Aprons! It was major cuteness overload and Zooey had so much fun!  We haven't been to many good events since moving back from Tokyo but this event by far exceeded my expectations!!!! Scroll down...   

Zooey was shy at first but quickly realized that this event had so many fun things to do!

Yummy food!

This is my dream house. I didn't want to leave.

I was thinking to myself. OMG there's more??? 
P.S. and the mimosa with Wine by Silverlake Wine was AMAZE! 

 Painting with fruit!

 The cutest!! 

 Sweet Clementine's Popsicles !!
 SO I NEED TO DO THIS AT HOME!!! I forgot to pick up our Tie Dye when we left. 

Zooey and Ruby (daughter of Oh Joy!)
So cute!

Zooey & Ellen of Hedley & Bennett♥

Gift Bags! Thank you SO much!!!!!

Ok, so basically I felt like everything I pinned on Pinterest came to life.  Can we have these parties monthly please? hehe I've been looking for a cute mini apron for SO LONG and these ones are so perfectly designed! If you're little one owns a mini kitchen you NEED to get them an apron from Hedley & Bennett. 

 oh and all the fun things we got in the goodie bag. Thank you Hedley & Bennett!

more info:
Mini Apron by Hedley & Bennett 
Amazing bowls by Le Creuset
Lunch bags that I've been needing by Pack It
Super cute crochet fox by Afternoon Faun


Friday, May 29, 2015


It said cocktail attire.
Shoes: Koolaburra
Glasses: Tom Ford

  It was my first time to the London Hotel and the penthouse was AMAZING! We walked into this 11,000 square-foot space which was inspired by Vivienne Westwood.

 walk - in closet? Yes Please.

 It seriously felt like a house party. 

The lighting got very romantic on the roof top.

 So nice!

me x Caroline x Mayu

I have to say, this party was pretty good and since moving back from Tokyo, I haven't been to any good parties where I wanted take a lot of photos.  I'm so happy to have run into so many friends.  Everyone was so nice, especially Tia from the London Hotel. I had the best time.

Thank you London Hotel and Vivienne Westwood for this experience!