Friday, May 13, 2016


 For Mother's day, Zooey and I collaborated with Lulu & Georgia, one of the cutest home decor brands to do a feature. They actually don't specialize in kids furniture but we were able to choose items that worked for Zooey's playroom. It's been my dream to have a space in our home that is photogenic and is a spot where Zooey and I can bond. 

Zooey and I wore matching pieces from Ultraviolet Kids who just launched their Women's line. So for all you momma's who want to match with your little mini me, head over to Ultraviolet Kids

We put Zooey's favorite little stuffed animals inside the Tee Pee. She likes to play house with them. 
The #elodierug is a collaboration with Glitterguide that can be found on Lulu & Georgia

 This design your own butterfly wings arts & crafts is from Seedling.

 I love that even though Zooey is an independent 4 year old, she still wants to be close to me. I cherish these moments. 

 She especially LOVES books, so this corner is a perfect place to read books together.

Zooey has been mastering her skills of writing her own name. I'm so proud of her! 

 Usually when I read to her, I ask her questions about the how many people are in the airplane?

 Zooey enjoys reading Japanese books as well as English books. It helps me keep up my Japanese reading skills.

 Thanks for reading!!
Love Mai & Zooey


Play Kitchen // Chalkboard // Table + Chairs from IKEA
Heart Ottoman - Oh Joy by Target

Outfits by Ultraviolet Kids
Top Knot Pins by Kitsch
Buttercup Pillow by Weestructed
Butterfly Wings arts & crafts by Seedling 
All photos by Karl Nikolai 

P.S. See our feature on Lulu & Georgia's blog here: AT HOME WITH ZOOEY IN THE CITY

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