Saturday, August 13, 2011


I've finally left the uncomfortable heatwave of TOKYO and landed safely in breezy California.  The weather is sooo much better here and I'm not all sweaty and dying a heatstroke.  The flight wasn't so bad because I was siting in Premium Economy and the seats were way bigger and the service was awesome.  I'll be here for about 2 weeks, primarily for work and promoting an event at FRED SEGAL, to get a few wedding planning things done and also hopefully I will get a chance to really relax and rest too. It's also my mommy's birthday today!!! Isn't she so cute! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!! Can you believe she is only 57!?!?! heheh



I just bought my hubby a new macbook air so that he can keep in touch with me while I'm in LA. (via skype) HEHE His birthday is also coming up so I thought it was a nice birthday present. What do you think? It's beautiful isn't it. HEHE GET YOURS NOW!! It's soo thin and soooo light!!! I got this model 11" display + 4GB memory + 128GB storage and it's sooo fast!


Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I apparently lost the photos of me picking out these glasses from the showroom back in February..but I finally received them!!! Aren't these sunglasses so Swarovski detailed and so posh! Can you see the swan with the diamond?! I love it! I can definately wear these to a fashion event when I have to formally dress up. HEEHEE I'm just in LOVE with big big sunglasses..My Swarovski Hello Kitty ♥s these sunglasses too. so cute でしょ!?


Sunday, August 7, 2011

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