Wednesday, March 21, 2012


O-M-G!!!! I want to thank Marc Jacobs for designing such a CUUUUUTE baby bag!!! and especially thank you to Marni for this wonderful baby gift!!!! I have been searching for a nice baby bag for a while and have been super disappointed at how not so cute all the designs have been... but when this special bag arrived at my doorstep yesterday, I was SUPER SUPER SUPER EXCITED AND SOOOOOOO HAPPY!!!!!! This bag can be used as an everyday bag as well but as a baby bag, it came with a lined baby changing pad, exterior pockets (lots and lots of pockets!) for bottles and functional details for personal items!  It also comes with a strong PURPLE strap so that I could wear it around my shoulders!! SO SMART! Thank you Thank you Thank you!! Isn't it like the best design ever!? A full ♥ pattern print bag is Sooo me right? and will especially be fit for my new baby girl who should be coming soon!!! I♥MARC JACOBS FOREVER!!! hehe ♥ For more info on LITTLE MARC JACOBS click it!

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