Monday, December 21, 2015


Let me introduce you to SKOSHBOX, the first Japanese Sweets Subscription Box to hit the market in the U.S.! All their sweets are straight from Japan so you can't find them at the Japanese supermarkets here. They deliver monthly and start at only $10/month! What a perfect gift for someone who is obsessed with Japanese Sweets right!?

Look at HOW CUTE their website is! It's so easy to navigate too!
Zooey was so excited to open her box of sweets when they arrived!!!

Notice those cute little bears on the light? They are from this brand called Manaonami
They are magnetic and can wrap around refrigerator doors, seat cute! You can find out about them on Zooey's page here

Here's a look into the small box. Zooey actually got into all the boxes before I could take a photo..

 Oreo flavored Pocky!!! 

 Hot Chili Salad flavored Pretz!!
I already ate it and it tasted like spicy thai salad. YUMMM.

 OBSESSED! Go get your subscription now!
more info here: SKOSHBOX

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