Saturday, February 11, 2012


I'm currently obsessed with this song...and I love the girl with the red hair. hehe


Monday, February 6, 2012

IGOR + ANDRE : Inside Danny Roberts' Studio ♥

Apologies again for my lack of updates..being on maternity leave means: lots of sleep and lazying around since my energy levels have dropped dramatically!

I had a chance to visit Danny Roberts of IGOR + ANDRE today.
and this was his studio.. 

 one of my favorite GIRLS NIGHT!

 this was for Harajuku Lovers. TOO CUTE!!

 Danny showed me some old art pieces from his drawers..

 the process of how this piece was created was so amazing...
but i would never be able to repeat how Danny explained it..hehe

 I love love LOVE all of these !!!

 the polaroid wall

 Danny working. hehe

I feel so lucky to have received this piece as a gift. ♥

I met David & Danny at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Tokyo last year.  When I found out that we were from the same town, there was an instant connection as not many people in this so-called 'blogging' & fashion world are from Orange County.  Since I'm back home right now to take a break for the birth of my baby... It was the perfect time to catch up!  I was super impressed & blown away when I visited Danny's studio...everything that he shared with me lead me to an endless stream of wow'..'omg this is soo cool'...'oooh i like this one' responses.. I think we talked for 3 hours and it was too much fun!!!  I even had a chance to meet Danny's beautiful mother! She was so incredibly cool!!

Soooo since I won't be attending many events for while I figured I will do more features of friends & their work & their brands from now on.. (when I have the energy to go out).  I'll once again say sorry to those who have been re-directed to my blog to find parties and things to do in TOKYO..I'm sure you will be directed to my previous posts and hope that they can still help you in some way.  Please feel free to comment me with questions and I'll try my best to respond! Or you can check the tags on the right side to find what you're looking for!

Other than that, I highly recommend checking out IGOR + ANDRE.  You will truly get a new perspective of fashion and fall in love with Danny's art.  I know I have.. Thank you Danny!!!

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