Saturday, March 26, 2011

PARTY REPORT. ONE hosted by Tokyodandy & Friends @ TRUMPROOM 3.26.2011

TokyoDandy hosted a charity event at Trumproom last night where the entrance was free but you had to bring at least 3 times from the Second Harvest list. I really appreciated this concept because it was not only about the amount of money you should pay to get into this event, but how much heart you wanted to contribute by buying and donating items you felt the people in the north needed. I had a hard time choosing only 3 items and actually ended up buying a bunch of basic things that one would need to prepare for an emergency like this. My focus was on the women. Anyhow, this party was filled with Tokyo's Fashion People. みんな会えて本当に嬉しかったよ!
too cute!

Trippple Nippples were going to do a live tonight..

the dude on the right reminded me of BryanBoy..

it was sooo nice to hear 2boy's dj set it's been way too long!


BMoney & Hiroshima

It was awesome to see the young Harajuku kids out last night..each and every one of them as fashionable and unique as ever. I had a discussion with some of my friends that I hadn't seen in a while last night about how after this earthquake we sort of feel like the older generation..and how it's up to us to educate the young kids about things like this..about donation, about contribution...This event was such a great way to get people involved as well as allow them to enjoy a good time with their friends that they haven't seen in a while as a reward. Seeing how successful last night was made me more motivated to get our TRIP'S ANGELS project rolling faster. It's still too early to give details about it so please check back soon!



It was the first day for me to go to a club party after the earthquake on 3.11... It was sooooo nice to see all my friends, all the tokyo party people..listen & dance to good music...
I always always LOVE shinichi osawa's DJ sets!


i usually never dance on the main dance floor but I just wanted to try it today!

so packed! and that girl's arm was really long!!!


MAA x いつもおしゃれなALYN

love BINGO!

my bro..seriously..long time no seeee

大好きなNori x Soくん!


sooo happpy to seeeee you girls!!!

thank you for hosting a party to bring everyone together! we needed this...don't give up TOKYO!!!! the party must go on.


Thursday, March 24, 2011


LIBRE BURRITO (san francisco style) OPENING will be 4.1.2011!!!

i got a sneak peak into the kitchen today while they were preparing for a photo shoot..

they use italian tomatoes..soooo pretty and RED..

this burrito was actually specially made..but the regular ones will be JUST as amazing!

nachos...OMG...sooo delicious!
イケメン staff


After all the burrito parties my friend had, he finally fulfilled his dream of opening a burrito shop...I guarantee that this one will be one of the best burritos in TOKYO which will make you feel like you are in San Francisco...These burritos are San Francisco inspired because all the guys involved lived there for a good amount of time in their school life. I guarantee these are not the weird まま so-so tasting Japanese Fusion with weird sauce burritos.

Because of the earthquake, the opening was delayed a little BUT the opening is COMING SOON!! APRIL 1st, 2011!!! This is a take-out type of place so you can bring it anywhere and eat back at the office or the park..or if they are available, there will be a few seats in front of the shop. To find out more info about this Burrito Shop, please check LIBRE BURRITO'S website HERE. The location is very convenient.. right off of route 246. Pretty convenient for those partying at Le Baron. hehe It's literally 30 seconds away. It's located Between FRANC FRANC and AVEX/LE BARON in the parking lot container structure (first shop is WILLCOM). Anyway, I will have more updates as I try everything on the menu. HEHE Anyone wanna come along before the opening?

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