Friday, December 30, 2011


I LOOOOOVED JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT in 500 days of summer....

I've been following since my friend Bianca mentioned how her brand Dear Creatures was introduced on it!  Also, I just love everything that Zooey Deschanel does! hehe Ok, so now I sound super obsessed..which I never normally get about anyone! But anypoo..I was so happy to find this cute little video!!! Love this duet!!!!!!!  So what are you doing for New Year's Eve??


Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I never really ate WENDY's until I moved to Tokyo, which was about 4 years ago...but they always had this 100¥menu that I loved..It was SOOOO GOOOOOD! But suddenly...ALL THE WENDY'S shops were GONE!!!!! (I would say over a year ago???)  I was so sad...but then...on December 27th of this year, WENDY'S MADE A COME-BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need to find this shop...and heard it's in Omotesando..not in the same place it used to be but...I am determined to find it today... I mean look at this menu, how can you RESIST the CHILI CHEESE FRIES!????????????....i know im a fatty..but yo I'm pregnant so whatevers!!!! I can eat whatever I want! heheheheheeh

 um HELLO...baked POTATO!!!!!

 for a healthy mind...

 fried potatoes! Yes please!

 and WHAT?! PANINI FOR BREAKFAST!!! heading over right now..

Here is the map..too bad they are NOT 24 hrs but...I have until 9pm to get there...
I'm so Happy! Yes I am! WENDY'S OVER BURGER KING ANY DAY!!!!!!


Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I wasn't into the hype for SUPER 8 when it first came out..but because my friend PAUL recommended it.. I decided to check it out.  As Paul put it, it was an 'ode to our own childhood as dreamers'.  I was surprised at how it really DID remind me of the curiosity & innocence of our childhood.. This is definately the E.T.  / GOONIES (from my childhood days) of this new generation.  Elle Fanning was so good in it.  The ending was a little cheesy but the overall movie wasn't bad.  You do tend to feel connected to the characters.  It's worth renting.    

My friend Paul also recommended HANNA.  I had NO IDEA what this movie was about before rending it but it was super exciting to watch.  I love watching movies where Kids Kick ASS! Basically this 16 yr old is brought up to be an assassin.  It was such a good suspense thriller.  Cate Blanchett is pretty awesome in it too..but I have to say SAOIRSE RONAN ROCKS in this movie!  The music for this movie is by the CHEMICAL BROTHERS.  Now go rent it!

It's been a relaxing holiday season for me this year as I've been a little under the weather and my baby is starting to kick A LOT... because it's so cold outside, it feels a lot better to stay home and catch up on all my favorite TV shows and movies.  I hope everyone is having a great Holiday break!! I promise to bring more exciting updates after the New Year!!! Bring it 2012!



I know this movie came out a while ago but I was always curious about it.  I heard my MILO has been obsessed with it so I had to watch it so that I can have fun conversations with him.  hehe CARS 1 was pretty cute and a pretty good 'life lesson' type of movie for kids.  The jokes are pretty funny and the ending of the movie leaves you feeling like 'awww friendship is awesome & life is much more beautiful with FRIENDS.'  If you are looking for a cute movie to rent for the holidays..I recommend CARS.  

CARS 2 is SOOOOO FUNNY! It has the 'james bond' kind of story and I LOVE how they travel to TOKYO...and how everything is technologically advanced! haha My favorite scene was when Mater goes into the Japanese bathroom.  I started to feel that MATER was annoying but knew that in the end he would come out a HERO.  I hope I didn't give too much away.  I would watch CARS 1 before watching the sequel.  There are so many new characters so it helps to know who the original ones are.  I definately recommend this movie too!

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