Saturday, July 2, 2011

PARTY REPORT. GIRLS TREAT BOYS vol. 2 supported by Belvedere @ FBAR 7.2.2011

Last night was vol. 2 of Girls Treat Boys presented by Liv Lo.  As you can see, it was a successful night!!! The guest DJ was YONE and he rocked the dance floor hard!  I heard that vol. 3 will be on a boat..or at a pool..not sure but it will be Girls Treat Boys 'water edition'..are u ready?


Friday, July 1, 2011


I know this brand because Ryota's shop 'Bench at the Greene' in Daikanyama carries it.  They have pretty cute backpacks & bags.  Check below..or their website: Herschel

  so many イケメン here tonight..hehe

 kaz was drawing all the people there as amazing...

 i think okuちゃんlost a bet and had to take ALL of those shots..

 naoki busted his ankle while skateboarding that moment..

 SO CUTE!!!欲しい!!!!!

mai x ryota hehe 


 Liv & Henry dropped by during my DJ set!! thank you!!!!

I had so much fun DJ-ing tonight!!! I guess it's always interesting when I get to play in front of all different types of crowds.  This was the streetwear skater crowd..and I was shocked when all the boys got excited when I played Katy Perry..LOL.. I went for the old school hiphop tunes this time around too.  So much fun!! Thank you everyone for coming and dancing to my dj set!!!! I DJ @ FBAR for LIV LO presents GIRLS TREAT BOYS tomorrow! COME! more info here: GIRLS TREAT BOYS vol. 2

みんな今日は来てくれて本当にありがとう!!盛り上がってて嬉しかった!!!すごい楽しかった!!!!明日FBARでまたDJするから是非来てくださいね!!!INFO はこちら:GIRLS TREAT BOYS vol. 2

btw..I decided to keep my 'party photos' of people to a 'large size' instead of posting them super HUGE..when I post about clothes, food, or 'things'..I will enlarge them...I had a few comments about the photos being too huge..but if you have any other ideas, please drop me a comment. Thank you for reading!! xoxoxoxo

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