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Every so often someone asks me for my recommendations of Tokyo food I finally compiled a list of my favorite local spots..hope you will try them if you're in town!  This yummy pasta above is from SIGN CAFE in Daikanyama


I'm pretty picky about sandwiches, and the sandwiches here are SOOOOO GOOOOOOOD!!! They make them fresh when you order and use all fresh ingredients.. The portion is also great!! I wish I took more photos but these are the ones I took before I left Tokyo...

Baby Zooey enjoying a grilled cheese sandwich.

They don't have baby hi-chair's here and it's on the 2nd floor, so it might not be that baby friendly in that sense...but, we left our stroller down stairs and Ewan, one of the owners helped me carry Zooey and my stuff actually they are super friendly to babies!  It's a nice small little sandwich place with a terrace on the roof (which I didn't have a chance to check out).  They also make amazing smoothies! Anyhow, if you are ever in Daikanyama, I really recommend this place! If you need a place with hi-chair tho, there is URTH CAFE across the street.


2.) Sign cafe, DAIKANYAMA

This cafe opens from 11am-1AM almost everyday.. so it makes for a good after-work drinking spot. 
Located in the hipster part of town..right outside of Daikanyama station.

I basically lived at this cafe for a few years--not literally but I loved hanging out here! I worked as a waitress while DJ-ing too. hehe ...Sign Cafe has the best food options ever and the chef is amazing.  It's considered CAFE food by Japanese standards but there was always something delicious to satisfy whatever mood I was in.  My favorite one is located in DAIKANYAMA.  They have an English menu so it should be easy to order.  The drinks are soooo awesome.  Above is their chicken salad. Yummy right? This Cafe is located right outside of Daikanyama Station Main Exit.   If you are in the Aoyama Area, there is one right outside of Gaienmae station as well.  Unfortunately, you are allowed to smoke inside so it's not quite baby friendly, and there are no baby hi - chairs.  However, the outside seating is smoke-free.

More info: SIGN CAFE

3.) Frames, NAKAMEGURO

Frames in Nakameguro is another favorite spot of mine.  They have killer JUNK POTATOES.  I used to live in Nakameguro so it was one of my favorite lunch spots.  They had the best Lunch sets! They have baby booster seats here and you can probably choose food that baby can eat, like rice dishes, but the cafe is half smoking and I'm not sure how safe air wise it is for baby..Tho, sometimes, I brought baby Zooey here.  The staff are awesome and friendly too.  There is another FRAMES above club AIR in Daikanyama.  I used to eat there after partying at would open until 5am.  Best Clam Chowder in a bread bowl evers! They have one in Shibuya too, but I feel the staff aren't as friendly... Anyhow, if you are killing time in Nakameguro, I would recommend here. There are actually a ton of good spots here, but I will share those in a different post! hehe P.S. they have amazing waffle ice cream desserts!

more info: FRAMES


If you're a FAN of Q-POT. You MUST go here.  If you are just fan of things KAWAII..this cafe is a must go-to spot also! 

desserts that look like their jewelry..amazing yes?

Unfortunately, they only serve dessert here..BUT, EVERYTHING is super cute and the people who often go there are usually dressed up to match the theme of this cafe..but don't's good to go for the photos and yummy sweets.  It's right across from their shop as well!  They have baby hi-chairs, but lots of sugar here..are you ready for the hyperness?  

more info: Q-POT CAFE

5.) Pariya, OMOTESANDO
photo from pinterest.

Pariya is located in the backstreets of Omotesando/Aoyama.  The food is kind of cafeteria style, where you can choose 1-2 items with sides..but everything is super healthy! They have yummy sweets too and amazing gelato also! This is located on the first floor of Contemporary Fix- a Hi-End street wear boutique.

more info: PARIYA

6.) Microcosmos, SHIBUYA

photo from

In the heart of Shibuya---well, deep in Shibuya, near Donki a cafe called Microcosmos..This cafe turns into a club at night so they open until 5AM almost every night.  The food is similar to FRAMES as it's owned by the same company.. but they always had amazing lunches from what I remember! If you are in Shibuya and looking for some good cafe lunch I recommend here.

dance party at night. 

more info: MICROCOSMOS

7.) Bake Shop Jiyugaoka

photo from Bake Shop website

I only came here 2-3 times..located in the cute little part of town called JIYUGAOKA. I had a bad experience about my baby stroller situation and kind of boycotted here, but I will say that they have really good bagel sandwiches.  I regret not coming here again..they had really good food..tho, it was a little on the pricey side..I always left with a happy tummy.  Anyhow, if you do end up checking out bake shop, I recommend visiting the cat cafe down the street too called Marsa Cat Cafe too.

more info: BAKE SHOP

8.) Ron Herman Cafe, SENDAGAYA

All I have to say, is that their cobb salad is YUMMY-LICIOUS!
It's everything to make you feel like you have left Tokyo a little bit to chill in LA.  
They have stokke Hi-chair for babies, but no kids menu..but you can let baby snack on bread, soup, or a fruit cup.  The atmosphere is super chill and they have nice sofas too.  They also have  yummy smoothie drinks.  I recommend the one in Sendagaya if you are in Harajuku.

more info: RON HERMAN CAFE

9.) Rosalie, DAIKANYAMA

SUPER FRIENDLY BABY CAFE! Located in Daikanyama like 1 minute from Daikanyama Station.  They offer kids menu and the menu's for adults are very healthy.
This cafe is curated by Rinka (if you don't already know, she is the MUSE for SWEET MAGAZINE)..anyhow, she also is the creative director of the shop downstairs Maison de you can already imagine how cute this cafe is.  Very baby friendly and the staff are super nice! - oh and of course there are changing tables in the bathrooms too!

more info: ROSALIE


In the heart of Harajuku, and near the crossing, is MONTAOK--a 2 story cafe next to Kiddyland.  The food here is super cafe food standards, but it stays open pretty late and makes a good place to grab drinks.  They often do collaborations with brands and magazines so you can always see some cool themes inside.  If you've been shopping on cat street and Omotesando all day and need something to drink or eat, I recommend here.  They have good Strawberry Tarts too.

more info: MONTAOK



found these photos in my archive.  

Lotus Cafe is tucked in the backstreets behind the ITOO Hospital on Omotesando Street.  It has pretty reasonably priced lunches and yummmmy desserts! The strawberry Tarts..are to die for. 

more info:

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