Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Last weekend Zooey and I went to the Launch Party of Hedley and Bennett's Mini Aprons! It was major cuteness overload and Zooey had so much fun!  We haven't been to many good events since moving back from Tokyo but this event by far exceeded my expectations!!!! Scroll down...   

Zooey was shy at first but quickly realized that this event had so many fun things to do!

Yummy food!

This is my dream house. I didn't want to leave.

I was thinking to myself. OMG there's more??? 
P.S. and the mimosa with Wine by Silverlake Wine was AMAZE! 

 Painting with fruit!

 The cutest!! 

 Sweet Clementine's Popsicles !!
 SO I NEED TO DO THIS AT HOME!!! I forgot to pick up our Tie Dye when we left. 

Zooey and Ruby (daughter of Oh Joy!)
So cute!

Zooey & Ellen of Hedley & Bennett♥

Gift Bags! Thank you SO much!!!!!

Ok, so basically I felt like everything I pinned on Pinterest came to life.  Can we have these parties monthly please? hehe I've been looking for a cute mini apron for SO LONG and these ones are so perfectly designed! If you're little one owns a mini kitchen you NEED to get them an apron from Hedley & Bennett. 

 oh and all the fun things we got in the goodie bag. Thank you Hedley & Bennett!

more info:
Mini Apron by Hedley & Bennett 
Amazing bowls by Le Creuset
Lunch bags that I've been needing by Pack It
Super cute crochet fox by Afternoon Faun

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