Tuesday, February 21, 2017


So, YES, She's here! Meet Baby Amelie!
Born on December 9, 2016 
5lb 11 oz 19 inches

It's been a few months now since Amelie has entered the world but it's taken me a bit of time to adjust to life with 2 kids so I've barely had time to sit at the computer...Please forgive me for taking so long to share my birth story! It's a crazy 4 min one and I pretty much owe it to my weekly trips to Disneyland! 

 I was in labor for almost 15 hours with Zooey so I never suspected things would be any different with Amelie. But let me just tell you that we can NEVER know. 

On the morning of December 9th, 22 days before Amelie's due date, this happened:

**5am, I started to feel really constipated so I went to sit on the toilet..After realizing I had sat there for a while, I texted my friend Julia and questioned if I was possibly having contractions..She suggested that I take a hot shower, but instead I went back to bed (near 6am). It was still so early and why not try to get in some more sleep. It didn't feel like contractions like how I remembered with Zooey..you know that stabbing feeling (literally like someone is stabbing a knife in your back) and period pain as if someone is kicking you in the stomach.. It didn't feel like that..just constipation feeling..

**6:30 ish I realized that I couldn't sleep because this pain was so uncomfortable, so I went to take a shower. That's when I started to feel this 'constipation pain' sort of coming and going. OHHHH NOOOO. but I did continue and finished my shower lol

**7am ish I tell my husband, MAYBE it's time...but, I hadn't packed my hospital bag so I attempted to do so by myself. Our room was a mess because we were just preparing the baby room etc so you can imagine how annoying this was trying to dig for Pajamas or whatever I could remember I needed for my hospital bag. Luckily my friend came over the day before and washed all the baby clothes! 

**8am - my mom drives me to the hospital

**8:15am arrive at the hospital, they wheel me in and I feel like I really really just need to POO.

**The nurse tells me to get on the bed so she can check how dialated I was but I just wanted to go to the bathroom. She told me to take off my clothes but I was so uncomfortable so her and my mom tore off my clothes and I got on the bed but said I REALLY NEED TO GO TO THE BATHROOM! She told me to just let it all out (on the bed), and so I did...(>.<) and she checked how dialated I was and yelled out some CODE and 4 nurses ran in. Apparently I was like 9.5cm and baby was on her way out! OMG.. I asked when I would get my epideral and they said NO TIME!!! 


Many people asked me about the pain. I don't remember. I just remembered the having to go POO part. Was it painful? I don't remember. I was in too much shock that this birth was so smooth & fast.

Let me make this clear that my doctor didn't even make it on time even though he lives 5 minutes from the hospital. My husband didn't make it either. He assumed that I would be in labor for a few hours. He had to take Zooey to school by 9:30am and apparently he also stopped into starbucks lol. My mom had called him after Amelie was born but I think he didn't understand and thought I was going to take a while. SO this is his face when he strolled in at 10:30am or so. My sister actually even made it before him and she drove straight from LA. lol!!! Husband was in Tokyo when Zooey was born so he also missed that birth. Lucky for him right? I wanted him to see how painful childbirth was but nope, he probably just thinks they pop out like no big deal! 

Zooey came to see her sister after school. We prepared some gifts for Zooey so she wouldn't feel left out but she only cared to meet her sister. It was a sweet moment. She came to visit us everyday and I spend an extra day in the hospital so that I can recover and not have to deal with chaos at home. 


Some asked about our sleeping situation and this is what it looks like. Actually not pictured is Zooey's toddler bed which is against the window. Amelie is doing well sleeping in the crib and I'm co-sleeping with Zooey in her toddler bed. Yes, I totally fit in her twin sized toddler bed. 

Crib + Dresser: Babyletto
Pink toy box, floating shelves, moon, book shelf: Ikea

So here you have it. #motherhood as a mother of 2!! I still can't believe it!


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