Wednesday, September 20, 2017


A few weeks back, I teamed up with Fashion Mamas to host a Fashion Mama's Flea Market. I've been to a few blogger closet sale events in the past and thought one day, 'hmmm why not host one with other fashionable fashion mama's kids!' I desperately needed to purge my closet as well as Zooey's, so I went to Natalie and voila, Fashion Mama's Flea Market was born.  Of course, Natalie had the best idea to invite celebrity stylist mama's to sell their closets too and the event was held at Lombardi House. It was a super fun day!!!

 It was super hot, but we survived!
Me & Natalie

 Natalie pulled some amazing sponsors!! I mean, how can we beat organic and natural ice pops!
Thank you SUNDAY CATS!

 ROSE & REX did it again with the amazing kids' area

 This amazing photo wall was designed by Pamelyn of @Basheryandco

 We had healthy snacks from Gimme, Water from Detox Water and Icelandic Glacial
Guests were gifted product from Beauty Counter & Cheeky Kids

 I didn't have much help this day, but we survived!

me being silly as usual

Hope this event becomes a tradition!! It was seriously a blast and I ended up donating items we didn't sell to Baby2Baby.

For more photos see here.

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