Wednesday, March 30, 2016


A little late on this post but I went to the cutest Easter Event for Hedley & Bennett x Twink + Sis a few weeks ago at the H&B warehouse. It was so magical and super fun for Zooey!!

photo by Mary Costa

Beautiful and delicious healthy food by HeirloomLA
Drinks by Twink + Sis

Beautiful Flowers by Iris + Daughter
Amazing Sugar Free cakes by Sweet Laurel Bakery

 Arts & Crafts by Makers Mess

 The kids got to design their own cookies with healthy frosting (made of veggies!)

 Story telling time. SO CUTE!

 Zooey learned how to dip her eggs into dye!! 

This table set up was SOOO CUTE!!!

 Chalk Drawings : A Dapper Line

The mini aprons
photo by Mary Costa
 Zooey designing cakes. She's using beets as frosting and she didn't even realize it!
photo by Mary Costa
LOOOOVE the mini aprons!!!!!!!

If these photos weren't visual enough you can read more about this event on Domino
Thank you Hedley & Bennett and Twink + Sis for the invite! Can't wait for the next event!!!


Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Ugh is it already March 2016? Keeping up with this blog has been SUPER HARD, but I'm not going to give up! I've been focusing more on Zooey's blog recently so this one kind of went on a break. Sorry guys. My struggle is still the same regarding what type of topic or content I want to share I write about motherhood? There's already 100001 websites/blogs out there about my experience THAT different? Ok, it might be.  You can thank Instagram for my laziness to update this blog! SERIOUSLY. And then there's snapchat what? Sorry, too many social media platforms to handle but I might start one for Zooey this year, maybe. ha! Ok, since it's already like 3 months into the new year, I'll save you from my last year's recap which you can see sort of see through the best 9 above but let me reflect a little bit, share what my goals are and what I'm looking forward to this year..... I'll break them into the 4 topics that fortune tellers ask you to list in terms of importance.


Having supportive friends is SO important. Having supportive MOMMY friends is even MORE important. I might have went through rounds of friendships that came and went but the ones that are still here and strong, I'm so grateful for.  I started a hashtag with fellow mama friend Julia called #zooeyandlala where we document our daughters hanging out.. their relationship is seriously #friendshipgoals. I can't even tell you where all my 'childhood' friends are today and really hope that Zooey will be able to when she grows up.


In addition,I finally joined Fashion Mamas LA and it is such a blessing to be in a group with some amazing Rock Star mamas. Sharing our experiences of motherhood while balancing life in the Industry has helped me find my place here in the states. I was missing Tokyo life so much recently but now it's really not so bad here! I found my #momsquad. hehe

Health hasn't been something that I cared much about at all because I just thought, I'll always be ok (so bad I know), but recently some health problems finally came to light. For as long as I can remember, doctors have always said something about my thyroid..that my neck looked kind of big, but I never noticed anything.. I never felt any symptoms, no problem swallowing, didn't feel tired.. moody maybe, but what mama isn't? So finally after my latest health check, I went in to get a biopsy for my thryoid but they all came back 'inconclusive'. I had some more biopsies done..'inconclusive' what gives? But my Endocrinologist suggested that I remove my thyoid. WHY WOULD I JUST DECIDE TO REMOVE MY THYROID IF THE TESTS ARE INCONCLUSIVE!??? So..he sent me to take another test..a genetic one called Afirma. They can test the DNA of my thyroid which would help with my decision to either 1.) Keep getting biopsies every 3 months 2.) remove my thyroid.

The result: 40% suspicious.

A few days before my birthday, I was supposed to go into surgery to remove my thyroid, but I came down with the flu + nasty sinus infection so it was postponed until March 17th. It's now the end of March, I had my surgery and I'm currently living without a thyroid! It's been a little over a week since my surgery and I'm feeling fine..while on my meds of course. My scar is actually healing well and I've been wearing a bandana around my neck to cover it all up... I have to really thank my parents for being there for me. I know it's been really tough on them because I'm kind of complacent about everything lately... HOPEFULLY, I will be better soon and learn how to treat those around me better with and show more appreciation. 

But in regards to health, make sure to get your physical check ups EVERY year..listen to your doctor, listen to your body. Your kids need you so your health needs to come first. 


We'll be approaching our 5th year anniversary this year! Marriage is such a funny thing...there's this companionship if we need it, but other times we're off doing our own stuff, me- going out to shoot photos with Zooey, Disneyland, hanging out with my friends and their kids, while hubby hangs out in his man cave and plays guitar. I think this has to do with the language barrier still..because if you remember, he moved to America with us from Tokyo, without speaking a lick of English...he did this for us because he loves us. So I need to give him time to adjust. Love is patience. Hubby actually recently started working for Barton Perreira and we are discovering more things (like vintage shops) that he likes. Things are going pretty well I think! Everyone asks us if we will have a second baby. I always say, it will happen when it happens. But for now, we're happy to be just 3 (tho hubby did mention that he kind of wishes for a son one day.....) 


By now, I would have hoped that I had my career figured out.  I'm a semi SAHM but want to keep working. I'm still pretty interactive in the fashion industry but not as much as I was in Tokyo.. I've been freelancing in social media since I came back from Tokyo...It allows me to have a flexible schedule but I'm kind of on my phone or computer ALL the time!! This is bad..but, my work lets me be mobile and I can work on the go..I can spend as much time with Zooey as I can until she goes to school full time, and I have the freedom to work on projects that I'm passionate about. But is it time to settle with something more stable? Can you see me in an OFFICE job? Everyone has been advising me to just start my own company, but for those that know me, I dislike being the CEO of anything, and would rather be the VP. But let me just say, I'm really close to finding my partner. A few things are coming together and I'm really excited about it! 

Right now I'm focusing on Zooey and trying to do everything that I can for her. Motherhood is tough, but we don't have to do it alone. I'm so grateful for my family, friends and our fans. These kids grow so fast!! I really respect all of you crafty moms! If you have any mommy hacks or some ideas on how to make great memories with your kids, I'd love to hear them in the comments!!!! My mommy hack is, get a Disneyland Annual Pass. It's the best investment everrrrrr!!!! We've made the best memories here this year, and it's good cardio too! lol! 

P.S. One of my favorites of Zooey this can follow her on Instagram @zooeyinthecity 

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