Tuesday, March 10, 2015


I've had these posts in queue for a few days that turned into a few weeks and I'm so so sorry!
Motherhood is getting busier and busier by the second and my blog has fallen down on the bottom of my to - do list. But I promise that this is only because I'm currently working on a HUGE project at the moment that I will reveal in a few weeks!

So here is my WWDMAGIC recap..Once you walk into central hall you will be greeted by the paintings of J. PIERCE. I will admit that I waved hello to that panel over there. whoops! Anyhow, I remember when he was only using a little space on this concourse and now it's like huge area! Congrats buddy!

I didn't have time to walk this floor this time around because I spent a lot of time in PLAYGROUND & FN PLATFORM.  
I participated on a panel on the 1st day with new friends. I gave my opinions about how brands should approach bloggers.  Brands really need to learn how to be more personable. We like to receive emails that are written especially for us and not a copy that you wrote to 100 other bloggers.  We are friends with each other so we know when we get the same emails!  It's a lot of work but totally worth it in the end because you will have genuinely built a relationship with us.  Elaine from Fashion Laine mentioned that if you actually tell us something that you specifically saw on our blog that caught your eye.. It will prove that you actually researched us and there is a higher chance that you will get a response from us. We are busy and have other jobs during the day so patience is also important. 
J. Pierce & Mayu

me and the REAL J. Pierce hehe

More panels - this one was about Youtube.
My girls from THE FASHION CITIZEN  are the cutest and coolest twins I've ever met!

I'm in LOVE with free people.......

Another one of my favorites:

Then I went over to JAPAN FUN TIME..w
Oui, Ayano Ruban is a brand from Tokyo. I went to the shop opening a few years ago with Zooey and we got to take a photo with Hello Kitty. You can see that report: HERE 

My Favorite: Q-POT

Rob & Bianca from Dear Creatures
New parents to BE!!!! 

FULL AUDIENCE FOR Joe Zee and Alex Badia
so much fun!

Don, Chelsea, Alex, Joe

We really took advantage of the photobooth by Bosco

Blogger Babes: 

It was so fun hanging out with the Matte Black team again. 


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