Saturday, June 20, 2009

PARTY REPORT. G-STAR Raw Nights (pre-view) & weekend events..

this is just a preview of how the night went, more updates coming soon. it's a very busy weekend..there's a g-star instore event from 6:30pm today @ the flagship store in shibuya (next to camelot). come by!!!! and..

i might drop by here tonight....can you find me?

and since you'll know where camelot is after hitting up the g-star instore event, check out maneater's 2nd anniversary tomorrow!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

PARTY REPORT. Departure Lounge vs. Le Baron

the warner bros イケメン
jack x tom x julian

i learned a lot about business today. hehe too bad the guys are leaving early tomorrow!!!!! Warner Bros has some cooooool stuff coming out, i can't wait!!!!!! harry potter!!!!!! gossip girl dvd's!!!!!!! and other really top secret stuff... heheh

oyamaさん and his beating heart. hehe

I sat for a while and then headed to le baron where all the fun stuff was happening.

aww, refreshing, the people who make le baron super fun.

aww yes, belvedere ix launching in japan!!! i attended the launch in Cannes with blondie. it was off the hook. and tomorrow should be just as fun!!!!

patrick x arrow.
i heart the happy fun people.


the penelopes x gstar raw

axel finding the perfect jeans

The Penelopes will be doing a special live at Gstar Raw Nights.
Their album drops in Japan tomorrow!!!! Check it!!


Wednesday, June 17, 2009


we heart Elliot Yamin


amiga x eiiiko

we heart heart shaped sunglasses

pinky swear + kiss it + stamp it

sexy joe
i want him sometimes. hehe

boy allergy

we are bluesteel.
Elliot x Blaise

Matthew is leaving Tokyo to return to LA next week. Who would have thought this time would come so quickly? It was nice seeing you around almost everyday Matthew. The most memorable thing that Matthew said to me was this after seeing me 3 days in a row:

Matthew: Hi Maichan, how are you today?
Mai: I'm great!
Matthew: That's awesome. I love people who are feeling great.

After this, I realized how important it was to be positive (even when you're tired, sad, pissed) when people ask you how you're doing. Although I am pretty much half of matthew's height, he was always nice enough to bend down to give me a hug. hehe Don't be a stranger homie! K.I.T.

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