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glasses: Seneca Eyewear
pancho: Paddington Bear for Baby Gap

As some of you might now, I started this blog in May of 2008 just for fun...Back then, I was a HARD CORE PARTY GIRL in TOKYO and since I enjoyed taking photos..My friends Errolson and Stephen convinced me to create this blog so that my friends all around the world would be able to see what I was up to.  I did it and it was the best experience ever.  For those that missed out and are new to this blog, no worries, you can click my 'party report' tag and fall deeeeep into my past.  

So now 6 years later, who would have thought life could change this much!

I would say the highlight of my party days were in 2009 and 2010.. I was single and free and TOKYO was so alive!  There were so many good parties, all the brands were doing the best events...I averaged about 3-5 parties/events on the weekdays and 5-8 on the weekends. LOL!  The MOST events I attended in 13 hours time was 12!  I'm crazy I know.  and I was always motivated to blog up every report before everyone woke up the next day...even if I was suuuper drunk.  I was the everywhere girl and I loved it! 

But then reality hit, some time in mid-2010 a friend of mine asked me what I was going to do in 10 years..Will I still be partying.  I honestly never thought about it.  She asked me, 'What happens when you meet the right guy and get married?  Are you gonna party forever!?!? Are you going to be one of those single old ladies that still roam the clubs?' uh... (I started to contemplate my future from then..)

top: Paddington Bear for Baby Gap
denim: Baby Gap
shoes: Vintage Chucks

And then, what do you know...I met my hubby, who was my first Japanese boyfriend back then.  After reading all of those Man Hating Books like "He's just not into you".. or "Why men love Bitches".. lol The 'ONE' found me!!  Although he already knew about my PARTY GIRL reputation and was totally fine with it...I started to feel that it was inappropriate of me to go out so much when he was waiting for me at home.  But I was still motivated to keep my blog going, becoming more picky about the events I attended--I started attending more fashion events and less club events.  I felt, as long as I got home before he got home from work, I was the good girlfriend.  After this, I was recognized as being 'FASHION INTERACTIVE' by Vogue Japan and had my own show window! (click show window photo to the right).  

At the beginning of 2011, I got engaged...Things were moving fast toward what I always wanted -- to settle down.  And then the earthquake happened in 3.11.2011.  We weren't sure what was going to happen and decided to officially sign our marriage papers in 5.11.2011.  By August of 2011, I was pregnant and things started to change even faster after that...

This PARTY BLOG's content was becoming less of a party and more fashion--tho fashion was not my strongest point but how I was involved with it--the events, the event reports... I know that a lot of people find my blog because they search 'tokyo party' or 'best parties go to in Tokyo'.  I was even getting reached out by magazines and getting interviewed for my experience.  I really needed to decide if I was going to continue blogging was I going to do this..pregnant and with a kid? 
And then in 2012 I had #babyzooey.  My Angel.  My life changed completely.  I tried to keep up the event hopping with baby, and she has even gotten to meet pretty cool designers and celebrities..(for ex. Alexander Wang was taking photos of her on this furry bean bag at his pop up shop event one time, .....I promise to re-post these photos and stories soon enough).  But the event experience wasn't the same anymore.  I felt that I was burdening the PR companies for letting me park my stroller behind the entrance staff.. Zooey was usually good at the events but got fussy sometimes when she didn't want to be held by someone else (like the designer lol).. But I adapted and made sure to ERGO her while I took all the photos I needed...I stopped being able to stay as long and socialize.. I started to feel a little stressed.. But I kept at it... and eventually decided to move back to the U.S.

I feel that if we stayed in Tokyo, she would grow up in the 'industry', but a lot of factors made us need to move back to the states..where it was much slower paced, more space for baby to run and less industry drama.. sorta.. (for now at least hehe)..

Finally 2 years later...
 I realized that I could not keep up the party blog as it used to be.  I can't be posing as a party girl any longer and have decided to change the direction a little bit.  I consulted my old buddies Errolson and Stephen and last night I officially changed my dark, black, hot pink party blog into this new, white and spunky lifestyle one.  What do you think? 

Baby Zooey is officially 2 yrs 3 months now and is quite a character.  She can officially count to 12 in English (with #7 in Vietnamese), the way she says 'iphone please' or 'ipad please' or 'milk please' or 'kowai!!' (which mean scary in Japanese) or 'nani?' (which means WHAT? in Japanese)..I just want to melt.  All those things you read about what to expect when you become a mom will barely prepare you for what will really happen.  Some moms might seem like they have it all down, but behind closed doors, everyone has problems and we all have these private MOMMY GROUP facebook pages where we can vent.  If you are not in one, let me know, I'll hook you up!  

So, the point of this new blog... 
I basically want to show that even if you were successful doing something before, just because you have a baby, life doesn't have to end..IT'S NOT OVER!!!  This new lifestyle might be a bumpy ride..but let's make it a fun one, together!

The PARTY never ends, the scene just changes a bit.  

It's 1am and I'm still doing laundry.

See you soon?

I'm still changing some widgets and tabs on this blog..and will update which other mom's to follow, so it's not 100% yet .. but seriously tho, how do you like my new look?
(I feel like I chopped my hair off and it feels so gooooood!)

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