Wednesday, February 26, 2014


 Day 3 of #WWDMAGIC was filled with PANELS, INTERVIEWS, and a lot of running around!!
 My first panel was at 10am and I got to speak passionately about what it's like to work with bloggers.  I think everyone has a different experience..It really depends on what the brands' expectations are of the blogger and of course how well the blogger and the brand get along.  

Communication is KEY.  I dislike brands that do not spend the time to communicate well... 
Communication is important for all types of relationships and especially for people who want to work well together.  If there are positive vibes, brands can expect a lot of PR and support from the blogger, not only on their blog but possible introductions to their social media network and other social media platforms--all to be shared genuinely because they were treated nicely and well.  

Another important point is that the brand needs to understand the writing and personal style of the blogger to see if they even fit the brand's image.  Some brands that have reached out to me are really not my style, and I feel that they just found me because my blog is at the top of google when you search Tokyo Parties or Tokyo Fashion.. Flattered as I am, it's difficult for me to work with brands that aren't the right fit for me, however there are definately other possibilities  to work together.. but that comes later, depending if the brand spends enough time and effort to build a good relationship with me.  I mainly work as a BUZZ CREATOR, so I would love to introduce the brand to other bloggers or influencers I see fit them..depending on how nice and friendly they are when they communicate with me.. How personal, and genuine and caring the brands portray themselves really affects how much the blogger will want to be involved.  Things don't happen over night.. so Patience is important too.

Anyway..that panel was pretty intense and I felt very passionate and strongly about a lot of things that I said.  I hope that everyone paid attention! Above is my girl Emily Kohlberg whom I met last season.

 I got interviewed for the WWDMAGIC video that they put together every season.  
Can I say that I love my cardigan SOOO MUCH!??? 
It was a gift from the brand KERSH
My boots are from Koolaburra
 I always try to take a group photo at the end..I forgot to do it at the end of each panel the other days tho. Had so much fun with these girls!

 introducing some bling for the WHAT'S TRENDING : accessories panel

 Toy Syndrome for the DISCOVERY PANEL

Cardigan: KERSH
shorts: HART DENIM
T-shirt: H&M for ISABEL MARANT


Monday, February 24, 2014


Day 2 at Magic was not so busy for me on the WWDMAGIC side so I took some time to visit friends at Mandalay Bay.

Ran into my Tokyo friends, Alisa Ueno, Aoyama Thelma, IA and Sachi
photo by Alisa (thanks girl!)

 my girls, Sachi and Makkie♥

Diane and Haruna Barbie


 Last Stop: DSSENT

Vicki and Ben - my good friends from Taiwan.

Mandalay Bay, like LVCC was Massive. Walking through here felt like walking through Disneyland on a Sunday!  Very crowded and busy.  I really wanted to visit the Koolaburra booth but didn't have much time as I spent most of my time walking across what felt like a foot ball field and back to find these brands. Anyhow, note to self, must plan better next time!!! 

Stay tuned for my Day 3 report!  


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