Saturday, March 29, 2014


First off let me just say that the first day of WWDMAGIC this season began on my Birthday. Hubby surprised me with a romantic breakfast. hehe It was a great way to start my week. It was also like a little vacation away from our baby zooey.. we missed her dearly tho..  

I was greeted by these boys everyday...I wanted their tote bags.

oh, I forgot, PJ SALVAGE gifted us some super cute pajamas so Kelsi hosted a Pizza Party for us..I wasn't feeling well so I volunteered to be the photographer instead of joining this photo..but then I realized later this made me seem like I wasn't even there...but I WAS there..for a minute... Thanks Kelsi for hosting this and apologies for being anti-social..

back to Central Hall where I spent most of my time everyday..


 OH! And, we go to open gifts! Tho this might look like it was 'for' my birthday, it really wasn't! Loads of brands gifted us this season and since I didn't get to celebrate my birthday like I usually do I treated it as if I had received tons of presents. Thanks brands! hehe You can see the items on my post here: 

 Every season I have to visit my oldest friend..BIANCA (middle), designer of DEAR CREATURES
Her booth is always so cute, and I always tell people that Zooey Deschanel wears it..which is TRUE!  She used to make super cute A-line dresses that fit me so well, and now Post-baby, I wish she still made them!

 Rob (Bianca's hubby) and my hubby 

 One of my favorite discoveries this season by J. GALT.. I know they are simple Ts but the cuts are what Im so into right now!!  Simple, easy.. 
 I want this bag!! heehee

 cutest backpacks ever..........
How cute to wear this while pushing a baby stroller..that's right..thinking like a mommy now!

I found out that Urban Outfitters and a lot of brands buy from this brand and print stuff on their own. I also found out that the distributors of this brand follow my blog. Thank you! hehe

 I met snookie. We are the same size, but my flatform sneakers are higher than her heels in this photo.  I also asked her about how she feels being a mommy now.  She said it's fun. I mean, we ALL should say that..but I can see she was tired...tired like me right? hehe j/k

love United Couture by Haruna Barbie.
Her stuff sells at Urban Outfitters too! so good!

 my girls from tokyo!

 I want this luggage set.........from Mellow World.
There is just something about this print...and the bags are SO light...

The PR of london sole is always pretty nice so I always make sure to stop by.  This time they did a collaboration with toki doki! How cute are these flats! Good mommy shoes!!! hahah


 stuff I see on the floor..I mean how old are those fries...

 Emerging Designer stuff...
This was so cute, but I was in a rush and didn't find out the name....

 J. Pierce

  At this moment, there was this 4 year old dancing around like crazy.  I sort of wish I brought baby so that she could dance around too.. hehe 

 bloggers taking photos of bloggers..

(Baby Zooey would tear these off the sweater no doubt)

  This 15 year old designer Isabella Rose Taylor
I mean..she so cute and her stuff is so cute too.......i wish i were teen size tho!

 I dropped by this booth because I thought these shoes were cute but every seemed so busy so... 

I went to see friends at Yosi Samra...want these shoes sooooo badly!!!!!!!

So, things went by as fast as they did every season..not enough time in the day to see everything!  And by night time I was sooo exhausted so I didn't feel like partying at all.....I think all that partying in Tokyo really wore me out....wait, I take that back..getting married and becoming a mother really wore me out!!!! hehe Whatever it was, I will admit, that I have been pre-occupied with what to do with this new life in California.  Becoming a mother has been challenging and has changed my outlook on a lot of things, especially fashion!  I can't dress super crazy like I used to because becoming a mother means you should dress more practical, especially when you have to run around chasing a 2 year old! Accessory brands that I loved at first glance made me stop and say, oh wait, baby Zooey would tear this right off my ear, neck or finger... can't wear that.. Anyhow, these were the things on my mind when I was walking around this season at WWDMAGIC.  There were a lot of cool brands but I still wish that Japanese Brands would join this tradeshow!  Now that I've officially moved back, I want easier access to my favorite Japanese Brands!!!!!! The buyers would definately eat them up!  頑張る i will try to get them here.. somehow.. anyhow...thanks for another fun time #wwdmagic!
until we meet again.......



apologies for late party reports...a lot of the clubs really didnt allow photos so there arent much here.. but as you can see we still had fun!

at Ebisu Industrial Lounge..


Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Alice Auaa is always a good way to end Japan Fashion Week.

and here is a look at what happened backstage...


all of that black ink from THIS! amazing!

I got to spend a week with these girls..and we became like family.
cheesiest photo ever but... LOVE YOU GIRLS!!!!!!

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