Wednesday, September 20, 2017


A few weeks back, I teamed up with Fashion Mamas to host a Fashion Mama's Flea Market. I've been to a few blogger closet sale events in the past and thought one day, 'hmmm why not host one with other fashionable fashion mama's kids!' I desperately needed to purge my closet as well as Zooey's, so I went to Natalie and voila, Fashion Mama's Flea Market was born.  Of course, Natalie had the best idea to invite celebrity stylist mama's to sell their closets too and the event was held at Lombardi House. It was a super fun day!!!

 It was super hot, but we survived!
Me & Natalie

 Natalie pulled some amazing sponsors!! I mean, how can we beat organic and natural ice pops!
Thank you SUNDAY CATS!

 ROSE & REX did it again with the amazing kids' area

 This amazing photo wall was designed by Pamelyn of @Basheryandco

 We had healthy snacks from Gimme, Water from Detox Water and Icelandic Glacial
Guests were gifted product from Beauty Counter & Cheeky Kids

 I didn't have much help this day, but we survived!

me being silly as usual

Hope this event becomes a tradition!! It was seriously a blast and I ended up donating items we didn't sell to Baby2Baby.

For more photos see here.

Saturday, September 9, 2017


 I've always wanted to be one of those super organized moms that have their sh*t together and can easily find everything they need when they go out with baby everyday. I saw my friend who carries a nice luxury tote bag with an item separator thing inside and thought, wow, I kinda need that - but then I don't use a luxury tote or 'baby bag' so nevermind.

First thing's first, you need a reliable diaper bag. For Zooey, I used a Marc Jacobs baby bag and ended up never being able to find anything--and it was heavy to carry and always nearly broke my stroller handle for being too overpacked (my bad)-That item separator thing would have been so useful then!!

Anyway, this time around, I wanted to try a backpack. So far, I'm loving my Fawn Design backpack- it's soooo roomy!! I actually hardly carry it on my back and always have it on my stroller and the way it opens (while it's hanging on the stroller handle) is so easy for me to find things! It opens like a 'smile' shape so you can image how open it can get when you need to just grab something out of it! You'll never find yourself having to empty it out to get to the bottom! The side pockets are deep too, I always find bows & ribbons that I thought I lost.

SO what is inside this bag..

I sort of think I'm organized this time around and these Bebe Au Lait wet bags are everything. I put extra clothes in the blue one, and our Parasol diapers in the pink one. The front pocket of the wetbag are for the dirty clothes / diapers (if I don't have a trashcan / plastic bag handy)

Not in photo are big Ikea Ziplock baggies. I use them for Amelie's teethers, food, utensils..

Sophie the Giraffe Teethers from Alex and Alexa
Ice Cream Teether from Louloulollipop
Food pouch from Once Upon a Farm
Munchkin Snack holder
Cheeky Kids Sippy Cup
Small Towel for easy clean ups from Aden & Anais
Detangler brush (For Zooey, myself and sometimes Amelie)

So next, let me just focus on the diapers we are using for a minute. With Zooey, we were gifted boxes of Huggies, or Costco diapers when we were in the US from our family.  However, we lived mostly in Tokyo for the first year and a half of Zooey's life, so we used the super soft diapers there. Did you know Pampers in Japan is waaaaay softer than Pampers in the US?  We actually used this other brand called Moony that you cannot get here in the US. After having Amelie (and am now living here in the US), I was determined to find a brand that had soft diapers like Moony and was introduced to Parasol.  Parasol is a subscription service of disposable diapers so you can't really find it at your local store yet. The quality is SOOO SOFT and the wipes smell SO GOOD. The ones we have smell like aloe and baby's bottom is so soft after wiping with it. The wipes can come with the subscription box too. Of course, the designs are cute and simple as well. Below, is Amelie unboxing her trial box.
(update: YES, they sent me a trial box of 5 diapers, yep FIVE SMH)

So far the diapers hold so well and we have never had any leakage!! Even when she had a super duper huge POOP! But seriously, these are the softest diapers and we love them! It's also so convenient to receive a box every month. 

I no longer support Parasol because of their staff's inability to communicate professionally.

Disclaimer: I wrote this post as part of a 'trial' to continue with the Parasol Affiliate program after my contact had left, but was rudely ignored. However, all the views and opinions expressed are honest and purely mine about the product itself. 

Wednesday, July 5, 2017


Hi there...I'll be speaking at the Mama's Making It Summit this weekend..

 So fancy right? I'll be talking about the digital space from my experience and hope to enlighten those who have been curious about how I got started, and what they should and shouldn't do.

Ah..Yea, a little nervous because I don't want to say something that will hurt anyone's hopes or feelings!!! Anyhow, maybe I'll see you this weekend!

This is the time table. Our Key-note speaker is Jaime King! YAY!

For more info:


Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Have you ever gone on vacation and stayed in a hotel that DIDN'T have a bathtub!? It happens more often than it should and it happened again to us when we went on a staycation in LA & Palm Springs. When we travel somewhere by car, I usually pack this STOKKE FLEXIBATH.  It actually folds FLAT and can fit in your suitcase. Amazing right?

Amelie LOVES bathtime. Tubby Todd has a travel kit that includes everything you might need on your short trip. The lotion has been amazing for baby's skin and the shampoo smells SO good too.
Blanket: Little Giraffe
Wash cloth: Aden & Anais 
Before Amelie's bath we always give her a nice massage.
Diapers: Parasol

We are still using the newborn support but Amelie doesn't seem to mind it at all! I actually can't wait for Amelie to sit up by herself..

Anyhow, I know there are so many different bath tubs out there but I really recommend this one for the traveler!

more info:

**all photos by Julia Vaughn

Wednesday, March 29, 2017


 I've done it again, where I forget to blog. Whoops!
A lot has happened since Amelie's been born and in a blink of an eye it's already the end of March! We had a huge week celebration for Zooey's 5th birthday which you can see on her blog here.

Anyhow, I've been obsessed with big straw bags lately and found this pink bag on SHOPBOP. We used it for Zooey's sports day and it can really hold a lot of stuff!! It's also strong and sturdy so I can put heavy things in it and not be worried about it falling through the bag.

 The Mexican blanket is from Gunn & Swain

All I was trying to do was sit down for a picnic but then I saw a turtle doing yoga and that's the end of that. Anyhow, Spring is here and summer is coming so how cute would it be to be carrying this bag in your swimsuits? 

Get it here:


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