Sunday, January 27, 2013


It's been WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY tooooo long since I've stepped into a 'club' like environment...and not only that, but a 'club' like environment in LA. (tho it felt a little bit like Tokyo hehe ) I will admit it was awkward!  haha I don't know if becoming a mom changed my ability to party.. but was fun. 

So last night I went to Beverly Eri's birthday celebration at The Palihouse Hotel in West Hollywood.  The music was good (they even played 'the smiths')
 Josh, Kana, Naoko, Noriko, Kevin 

trying out the slow flash on my camera. *fail*
I think for clubbing I will stick with my ricoh for slowflash effects!!
josh being all pimp. lol
 elevator shot

eri's cake
 josh hehe
 my girls!!!
love them so much!
do I LOOK overdressed? Yes I was. 笑
 chocolate. YES PLEASE.


I couldn't stay very long because I had to get home to Orange County in a decent hour...But I know how birthdays are (birthday girl is always busy!) and tho I wasn't able to take any photos with Eri to capture the moment, I hope there was a memory of me stopping by. hehe Renting a suite at this hotel was a great place to celebrate a birthday!! Bringing back memories for when I did my birthday at MYHOUSE in Hollywood...oh the party days...

Happy Birthday Eri!! You're beautiful!

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