Friday, December 25, 2009


Dear Readers,

I think in some countries, Christmas is pretty much over, but in LA, we all just woke up and started opening presents. It's been a while since I've had a proper Christmas. For the past 3 years, I spent them in Vietnam and just had dinner with my parents (who visit there every year around this time). Instead of going to Vietnam this year, I decided to come back to LA to spend it with my sister and best friends. In Tokyo, the Christmas tradition seems to be revolved around spending the quality time with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Having that special date or being asked on the date is every girl's dream. Of course if you do have someone special, it's a wonderful time, but for most, it's the loneliness and suckiest time! In America, we celebrate Christmas with our families. NYE is when we party with our friends. It seems to be the opposite in Japan. NYE is to be spent with your families in your hometown. I experienced 1 NYE in Tokyo and told myself that I would never do it again. (unless I get invited to someone's hometown..hehe) I spent NYE last year in LA with my closest friends. We saw Katy Perry perform at midnight and we had JUST made it because dinner ran late. That adrenaline rush to get there on time was so much fun! I'll be spending it with close friends again this year with a pack of new friends that I met in 2009 that came thru Tokyo earlier this year. It might be a bit quiet or I might be hitting some parties after..havent quite decided yet... Isn't amazing how fast this year went. It's not quite over yet, so just enjoy what's left of it with your family and friends. See you all very soon........I will be posting my vacation photos on my TRANSIT and CEXWORK blogs. Check them if you're interested. Thank you for reading!!!!

P.S. I'm going to watch SHERLOCK HOLMES today with my sister. Jude Law. so hot. hehe


PARTY REPORT. Mai Last Day PARTY run in TOKYO of 2009 @ Camelot, Womb, Nuts, Air

First stop: Camelot

I dropped by to see my girl, DJ AMIGA

It was super packed at midnight!

a really dasai santa girl..

then next stop: WOMB for FLJ's event

then off to NUTS.. my last experience at Nuts before they close down.. sad..

I ran into so many old friends here and i have to say we all have the same feeling about 2009.. so glad that it's over... I'm wondering tho, where will all the hiphop artists perform at and party now?????? i guess we can start going to the underground clubs again??? Family? Game?

then, it's off to AIR to see my JENNY..

the dj was sooo good.

I didnt realize I was out so late.......because I had to pack and clean my house before my was already 5am......I got home, started cleaning and packing and finished right around 11am and jumped on the limobus to NRT.....What a day. No sleep. There were so many good parties tonight but I couldnt go to them because they were too far and I had to pack etc.. Well, tokyo, thank u for all the parties in 2009. See you again next year........i'm off to LA. (I'm in LA now...)


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

PARTY REPORT. Onna-no-KO-BOW-nen-KAI 2009 @ M

julian from wb dropped by for a bit to show us the goodies for our warner event on 1/8/2010!

we had to invite the LADY'S MAN...


the lady's man's first attempt to go home...


as you can see he failed..and is still here. heheh

M is for MELODY

the Lady's Man's 2nd attempt to go home...


mama giving me some good advice..

2009 is FINALLY OVER!! so, Meg & I wanted to put together a small get together with all the girls who have laughed, cried and partied with us this year. Thank you SOOO much to everyone who was able to make it on such short notice. I am leaving to LA today, so we didnt have much time to plan. It was one of those nights, like slumber party, where girls just sit around, catch up, talk about boys, work, life etc... talking about boys was the funniest especially since we had a special guest (mark) who gave us advice on how the boys mind really think. mark is the super tall model looking guy. thank you mark for being our translator for what boys really mean when they say...... **********

Anyhow, I'm off to LA BYE BYE TOKYO & BYE BYE 2009!!!!! (photos of last night's parties will be uploaded when I land in LA....)

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