Saturday, October 2, 2010


Yone was in Osaka today this year, so a few of us got together to have dinner with Yoko for her birthday. Yoko is Yone's lovely wife and manager. She's his backbone! I have to say, Girls Night is the best. We tend to talk about so many things that we don't think to talk about when boys are around. HEHE These are a few of the most important people in my life in Tokyo. I knew Yuki before I moved to Japan. I met Elly by fate and we lived together for 2 years. Now she is becoming a super star in Taiwan! So amazing. Yokoさん, I met with Yone when I started coming to Tokyo on the weekends from Ibaraki! Yes, I used to live in Ibaraki. We immediately clicked, and her and Yone basically took care of me since I moved to Tokyo. This is my family. Happy Birthday Yoko !!!! We ALL LOVE YOU!!!!!



melon marguerita- VERY BAD. don't order it!

nachos-not that great either..

taquitos- GOOD!

Not so bad--but i was too full by the time this came..

spicy..not so bad, but the sauce was really i dunno..
We decided to eat mexican food last night and since we were in Harajuku, we ate here. The dishes are VERY it's not a bad place to hang out and just drink with your friends. I'd say stick to the fried things because you can't go wrong with that. To get here, walk all the way down Takeshita Dori street, cross meiji dori and go straight pass the Murasaki Sports shop..pass the A.P.C. store and this place is on the left hand side on the B1 floor next to the WOMB import shop. It did have a nice mexican feel to it, but to be honest I would recommend going to Junkadelic for Mexican food in Tokyo. Oh how I miss Alertos in Orange County!!!! For more info CLICK HERE.



about.. 25万..sooo NICE!

for princesses! sugoi...

Frank Liew in TOKYO!
I think it's best to ask HIM why he came to this event. HEHE

gaa the cutest and most fashionable KIDS ever...


Recently, especially in Tokyo, I really feel that there is good business in kids clothes...So I decided to follow my new friend Akiko to Sweet Room's renewal opening. I was extremely impressed with the clothes here. Everything was sooooo CUTE!!! However the prices are not so I can see why the location of this shop (behind Omotesando Hills) is a perfect one. I can't wait to have kids of my own and spend all my money here. HEHE If you have a young girl I would definately come check out the clothes here. They would absolutely LOVE the design of this shop as well. For more info, click here: SWEET ROOM.

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