Monday, June 6, 2022


Welcome to MAI first Disney tips post! Anytime we post about our Disney trips on Instagram, I always get tons of questions about crowds and recommendations so I'll list some tips in this post. Today we are focusing on Disney California Adventure (DCA) and how we efficiently spend the day there. We only had 4 hours to spend this day and also note that my kids are 5 and when we have our 5 year old with us, we can't really go on the big kid this post is probably for the parents with little ones. 


If possible, get dropped off. They have a drop-off lot on Harbor street which makes it less than a 5 minute walk to the park entrance. This is the same area that you get dropped off by the bus if you parked at the TOY STORY lot. If you want to save time, park at TOY STORY because the wait times for the buses are shorter. 

We came on Memorial Day and this was the crowd at Disney California Adventure at 10am ish. A lot of times people ask me how I think the crowds will be during summer...but it's pretty unpredictable. However I think these days the parks are more crowded since we are coming out of the pandemic and Disney is pretty much a safe outdoor activity. 


We usually never come to DCA this early but if you're looking for an easy breakfast, they sell a chorizo burrito at the Gourmet Coffee stand right before Pixar Pier! We tried to stop into Starbucks first but the line was out the door so we kept walking and discovered they had this burrito! yum!

Apparently they sell this chorizo burrito for breakfast until it's sold out and we heard it sells out fast. You can also order simple pastries here like chocolate croissants. 

We think it wasn't that crowded this day because people usually start their morning on the DISNEY side so this was a huge advantage for us! Most of the wait times were 5 minutes! Ariel and Mater were 5 minute wait as well but we were trying new things today... 


If you haven't downloaded the Disney App yet, how did you get into the park? If you push the "location" icon on your app, tap "FILTER" then "SHOW LIST", you'll be able to see the wait times for all the rides. 

What is lighting lane (LL) and GENIE + ??

Back in the day they had this thing call a Fast Pass (FP) - you had to walk up to a kiosk in front of the ride and scan your ticket to obtain this.. Then, it evolved into a MAX PASS, where it was either included in your annual pass or you had to pay $15 to get it / per guest for the day and you had access to get this FP via the app which we thought was so convenient because you didn't have to run all the way to the rides to get a FP. And now, they have evolved into the GENIE +. It is no longer included in Magic Key holder's pass and has to be purchased each time. It still costs $15 / guest but, we are going to be might not always be worth it depending on what time you've arrived into the park and how long you are staying. But let's just say, you're staying the entire day..then YES, I think it's worth it..but you should decide the day you enter the park. 

There are a list of rides that you can use the Genie + LL for, but it doesn't work for every ride.. All the really big and popular rides such as Radiator Springs and Web Slingers require an extra charge for a LL pass. Sucks, I's a lot of extra $ to spend but if you really want to get on these rides you just have to pay extra - or just pay for these and not the Genie + 😓

 I found another blogpost that explains this way better than me as the above Disney website might lack experience info.. 



I've decided that I should dedicate a part of my blog to answering all of your questions about Disney so feel free to leave your questions in the comments or comment on Zooey's IG post! We go so much that we might as well share how we navigate through the parks efficiently. 

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Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Hello 2022

 Whoops! It's really been a while since I updated this thing. Every time I sit down to write something, I get interrupted by the mom things.. and I never come back to it. This post was actually drafted on January 28th..almost a month ago! I was really trying to write this post before Lunar New Year but here we are lol. 


A lot has happened since I last posted and life is really different now. We've been in the middle of a pandemic since March 2020. WOW, almost 2 years ago, the world shut down. The last big event that we remember attending was the world premiere of MULAN. I remember they had hand sanitizer stations...but no one wore masks yet. Now, masks are the norm. At least for us still. We hesitate when we are invited to in person events now. Are they requiring covid tests? There are so many safety things to think about now. But it seems like things are getting better... or so I hope...

Zooey has grown up A LOT. She'll be TEN in a month! TEN!!! I can't believe it. She's still doing great in school. Work has definitely slowed down but she still works here and there. She filmed one national commercial last summer that aired at the beginning of 2021. Watch it here. Print jobs have slowed down for her...but she shot with Zappos which was fun because they had a whole garage band theme.

 Zooey actually filmed her first movie on my birthday last year (2/18/2021)! The release is supposed to be this year but it's been pushed to summer so I'll be sure to update and share more when we can. It was a really tiny role but supposedly pretty important! It would be so rad if she was in the trailer! All we can do is manifest right? heehee 

Zooey also launched a collection last year with Sweet Threads called Brunch with Zooey
You can see it here

Disneyland was closed for a while but they launched something called Magic Keys that are basically annual passes. A new variant called Omicron emerged at the beginning of this year so I haven't been able to take the girls this year yet, but HOPEFULLY soon!

Updates about Amelie...well, she's now 5! She plays the drums and is hella spunky.. 
You can follow her updates on @maisassygirl or hashtag #ohayoamelie but here is the most recent REEL of her being silly and a REEL of her being random hehe

Lastly, I'm participating in the digital Mama's Making It again this year on Tuesday March 8th. 

I want to interact more with you guys...if you have any questions or want me to write more about something let me know! I'm actually thinking to give more advice on how I'm managing my children's careers in the Entertainment Industry. I love consulting in social media but it's changed so much, especially since the pandemic and the growth of Tik Tok. 

Thursday, August 1, 2019


We're so excited to announce that Zooey & I are part of the hosting committee for the annual Fashion Mamas Kids Fashion Fair along with some other sweet mamas this Saturday Aug 3rd between 10AM-4PM in Newport Beach at Lido Marina Village. Zooey will be reading for story time from 11:40am-12pm! If you're around OC, come on by! This event is free and everyone is welcome!

Some brands participating are:
Current Label
Little Lamma
Rose & Rex
Madras Made
Twisted Cotton Candy
Shop Sweet Threads
and more!

Friday, May 10, 2019


Hello Friends! I wanted to introduce a live math tutoring program called Revolution Math that Zooey has been using to stay on top of her math. She's currently in 1st grade but we felt it would be beneficial for her to get ahead of her class. Revolution Math is designed for 2nd-5th grade but so far the lessons have been great for her and she is feeling more confident with her math skills. When you sign up for a trial, you receive this learning kit with all the tools you'll need for your lessons. 

The live, online interface integrates an interactive learning experience with a story-based curriculum and Common Core aligned math games. Before each 'math' lesson, the students read a story that takes them on an adventure. There can be up to 4 students in a class under the instruction of one teacher. Zooey has the same teacher each week so she feels really comfortable with her teaching style. 

After each class, the teacher emails us a recap of what Zooey learned in class and how she did with all of the new challenges. They are open to answering any concerns you might have and it's really so nice to see how excited Zooey is every week to do math!

We really want everyone who has kids that want to up their math game to try this program. If you're curious how it compares to KUMON and MATHNASIUM, please refer to the chart below.

We're offering everyone a FREE 4 weeks of REVOLUTION MATH and a starter kit for $1 with code "ZOOEY"

Please feel free to share this code with your friends and family!

If you have any questions please feel free to ask me in the comments and or click REVOLUTION MATH for more information.

This blogpost is sponsored by Revolution Math but all the reviews and opinions expressed are honest and purely my own.


Friday, March 29, 2019


Balloons: Anagram // Floaties: Sunnylife Australia

Gosh I know it's been quite a while since I updated this blog, but I really wanted to make my comeback when I was most motivated! 2 years ago, we threw Zooey an epic 70's themed 5th Birthday party. To see the party report for that party 

After the party 2 years ago, I told myself never again, and that she can wait until her sweet 16! But in the past year and a half, Zooey worked really really hard. No matter how busy we were, she just always tried her best, so I thought, ok, she has earned a party..So then I decided, let's throw her a nice 7th Birthday party to outdo her 5th Birthday Party. 

And here we are, #ZOOEYSTUCKINTHE80S
Balloon Garland: Wild Child Party 

Caboodles // Lipsmackers // Stickers + Pens from Yoobi

 We created a DIY station with Caboodles and the Yoobi Stickers.

It was a big hit!

 MeshKids provided a Ball Pit + Soft Play space

It quickly became a playground for the kids to play wreck it ralph lol

We really had this space for Amelie.

 Mattel + Barbie were a huge sponsor and provided the party with all the decor and some sweet swag.
How cute is this SUGARFINA + BARBIE candy?

KidsLuv Juice provide healthy juices for the kids

The Nail Truck came to pamper our guests.

 Polly Pockets also provided a ton of swag too!

Now for some more sweet swag:

Rowdy Sprout gifted band tees

HI-CHEW for the pinata 

 Tube Socks from Pride Socks

 Karaoke from Styx and Stones


 Food catered by JIMBOYS TACOS!! 

 80's cookies: Allison Bakes // Churros: Loop Churros // Barbie Cake: Cinderella Cakes

Thank you for reading!

 The Miyoshi Family.

All photos by Kimber Collective

In case you wondered, we used Paperless Post to send e-vites to our guests. I just love the interface of Paperless Post because it looks so pretty and fancy but they also have fun card options. We were searching for a super cute 80's vibe card design and found it easily by just searching 80's birthday theme! Everything is customizable, from the envelopes to the actual card font. There are plenty of 'free' choices but it only costs a few points to add that special touch to your cards. Another feature I loved was the "messaging guests" feature because it was really easy to communicate with our guests. I was able to customize our RSVP request too which helped minimize the amount of messages we had to send to our guests. I was actually able to do a lot of things on the Paperless Post APP on my IPHONE. Out of all the email invite services that I've used, Paperless Post is by far my favorite and there aren't random annoying pop up ads lol.


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