Tuesday, July 10, 2012


photo by MIO

HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOO TOKYOOOOOOOOO!!! ただいま!!!!It's been a good 6 months and I'm finally back!!! Did you miss me?!  I'm still a bit tired from the move back and have to say thank you to my parents for helping me out soooo much!! I couldn't have survived without you!!!!  They stayed in Tokyo for a few days before heading on vacation so I got to show them my new house and lifestyle here.  It was sad to see my parents go but I have to try motherhood on my own right? 頑張る!  

I had my first 'work' meeting last night with my girls from TRIP'S ANGELS and it was so great to see everyone!! I can't really get into the details of who everyone is in this photo but we are launching something at the end of this month...so stay tuned!!!

In addition, we are doing ELLE GIRL NIGHT vol. 10! I haven't dj-ed (song selected) in a while so I'm super excited!




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