Thursday, April 14, 2016


How cute are Mommy & Me features!? A lot of my new followers usually don't know what I do or how I began to do what I do. Though I like to keep this mysterious, I'm always up for a Mommy & Me feature! A few weeks ago, Rafia Jewerly, which is the sister brand of VidaKush asked to do an interview with me. I was flattered! Also it was the first time I had to say out loud how things changed since becoming a mom after my Tokyo Party Days...It was nostalgic.  Last year, Zooey and I did a mommy & me shoot together for Mother's Day with Space 46 Boutique and this was just a photoshoot and no interview. When I look back it's really crazy how much has changed and how much Zooey has grown! Anyhow, anyone who knows me knows that I'm camera shy and prefer to be behind the camera, but here are some snippets of our feature and you can read the interview here: MOMMY & ME  P.S. If anyone is wondering what is up with the bandana around my neck and why i'm always wearing it recently.. it's to cover my surgical scar! 

 Love my babe so much!!!!

Zooey- Jacket: H&M // Paush Tutu Romper: Sweet Threads // Boots: Dr. Martens
Me- denim trench: Jouetie  // Tee: Free People // Denim DYI: Forever21// Glasses: Barton Perreira // Sandals: Birkenstocks
Bracelets: Rafia Jewelry

Our feature: Mommy & Me with Mai

Photos by Charlotte Cooper


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