Saturday, June 30, 2012

DEAR CREATURES, my favoritest brand NEEDS YOUR VOTE by midnight TONIGHT! ♥

Dear you know this brand DEAR CREATURES?!

if not, you do now! 

They need your help!  Chase & Living Social are awarding Grants to small businesses across America to help them grow and thrive.  DEAR CREATURES has applied for this grand and needs 250 votes by MIDNIGHT TONIGHT in order to be considered!!

well, actually voting ends at 11:59pm June 30th U.S. TIME TONIGHT!!

Please take 30 seconds of your time and cast your vote for DEAR CREATURES!

Here's all you have to do..

2. Click: SUPPORT
3. Type keyword: DEAR CREATURES
4. Click: VOTE

It's that easy !!! Please support DEAR CREATURES!! cuz it's like one of the CUTEST brands EVER.... ♥♥♥


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