Friday, August 29, 2014


 A must visit booth when I go to FN Platform
LONDON SOLE (collaboration with Toki Doki)
my absolute favorite is the black ones to the right, heart and cross bones....

while walking around I discovered THESE!!!!

 and headed over to MINI MELISSA

I wanted all of these for baby zooey!!!!!
There were actually a lot of rad shoes at FN PLATFORM but I wasn't allowed to take photos.
oh time. 


Wednesday, August 27, 2014


I can't believe this was my 4th season at WWDMAGIC as an official blogger.

Things were a bit different this year as the social house was run by MATTE BLACK.  I had so much fun with them and felt so grateful that I got re-invited to join again.  I got to meet many amazing influential bloggers running the scene here in the US and it was another great learning experience for me. I often have to mention this over and over again especially because of the transition of this blog. During the panels, I emphasized that I am not a 'style blogger' but was transitioning from a PARTY & EVENT Fashion Interactive TOKYO blogger to a Fun Motherhood Lifestyle Blogger with a focus on Mini-style fashion inspired by my 2 year old #babyzooey.  I realize it now, that maybe this makes it difficult for certain brands to understand me because it's difficult to find photos of me and my personal style...I'm so bad at that..I suppose it's because I like to share what I see and think is cool instead of just 'me'.. I want to work with people who actually 'met' me...Brands always ask how they should approach a blogger.. I always tell them that it's important that they do their research and be personable when they approach us.  I would rather someone take the time to dig through my old posts and understand my personality to help them decide if we would be a good fit or not.  This is when you can build organic relationships and amazing collaborations. Anyhow, let me introduce (and re-introduce) some brands that caught my eye this season.      

So cute!

Stephanie from Honey N Silk

They always have the best booth design! I was so excited about all the clothes that I forgot to take photos..oops!

The cutest and most amazing accessories brand from Japan.

In case you didn't notice, I've done a few collaborations with this brand. Please check out my collaboration with QPOT x Isetan x Vogue Japan here.


 these geometric shapes reminded me of issey miyake

 SO CUTE!!!!

 I'm sad the I couldn't find the websites for these emerging designers but I hope they get their sites up soon because their stuff is amazing!

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