Saturday, January 15, 2011


Happy Birthday to Iris x Nanoちゃん tooooo

it was baby heaven..♡

milo warmed up to ryota!! YAY!!

Milo turned 2 years old on 1.14.2011, and had a birthday party last night. It's been a while since I've attended a party with so many babies and it was sooooooooooooo much fun. It reminded me of when I was young..But was this really how it was for me when I turned 2 years old? Did I have a bunch of baby friends that came over to celebrate with me? I can't wait to be a mom. More photos to come..this is just a preview. Happy Birthday to my Milo♡




Happy Birthday Shaun!! Oops, forgot to catch JEY!
Happy Birthday to JEY PERIE TOOOOOO!!

my new friend..loving the piano t shirt!


next stop....ran into PELI ♡

and Zenさん

then stumbled into FAI just in time to see Jommy.

then i didn't remember the rest..hehe

I had planned to go to 5 different parties last night...I wanted to see Tokyo light up again because of the new year..I wanted to see all the familiar faces that I used to see at every place...but due to the limited time to party, I for one, didn't make the ageha bus..(oops!), and second, was a little toooooooo tipsy by 4:30am to make my way to trumproom..(double oops!!!)..I did however end up at M and woke up at home. Tho I might have made a mistake in the order of my journey last night..should have went to ageha FIRST or Second...I had a great time catching up with the friends that I did run into. Everyone says they want to do something new this year...I say..DO IT! Here's one recommendation...come to the Tokyo Apache game on 1/18 or 1/19 at 7:00 pm! hehe Anyhow, I've heard that everyone is trying really hard...working hard...trying to survive in this horrible they don't have the capacity to go out anymore. The motivation to go out has been slowly going downhill but I'm hanging in there for at least 1 more year. I promise to party hard at least until the end of this year. I know I say party til you die and I think all you young ones ARE the future!!! but...I'll be honest, the clubbing stuff for me.. has been getting a little stale.. I want to see something new, so perhaps I will start organizing something again this year... 2011 has a lot of things in store for me..many that I can't mention now...but I will do my part to try and change things up...Let's be creative and support each other !! WE CANNOT LET CHINA BUY THE YEN! sigh..

that's all for now..4:29am signing out..


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

PARTY REPORT. AUDI A1 LAUNCH EVENT @ Bellesalle Shibuya First Forum 1.11.11

audi had a launch party of their NEW AUDI A1 at Bellesalle shibuya first

as usual, Audi hosted an おしゃれ party

my raffle ticket was hubby's birthday!! what are the chances of that!

Daigo & my girl マリエ

tokyo's favorite drag queens take the stage

 my honey & kazu kazu

then i felt like i was at Department H.

Audi Japan did it again, hosting another impressive event to celebrate the launch of their new car, the AUDI A1. Today's event was a mix of 'tokyo underground & party culture' with Audi customers. I had fun watching everyone enjoy the special appearance by Daigo & マリエ, live by TRIPPPLE NIPPPLES, and DJ sets by Studio Apartment's Moritaさん & Tei Towa and VERBAL. Audi is awesome for letting people try out their product hands-on so people were standing in line to sit inside the new Audi A1. I hope to see more events like this through out the year. いつもありがとうaudi!


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