Tuesday, August 23, 2016


I'm sure you're so tired of me saying sorry for my late updates. A lot has been going on and I've been taking the time to wrap my head around it all. So I'm 22 weeks pregnant!! And it's a GIRL! We are so excited and nervous at the same time! Life is already so busy as it is. How am I going to handle 2!!! Props to all of you moms out there who are kickin motherhood in the ass! I'm so serious.. So much respect. Anyhow, I did want to share that this pregnancy hasn't been easy. Because of all my health issues it's been hard to get pregnant, but for some reason right after removing my thyroid, here I am! 

Miracles do happen!

I have a lot of event updates to post and are sorting all my photos soon. 
Zooey's life has been really exciting and busy. 

Will be back to explain in more detail soon!


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