Monday, February 9, 2015


I went to a Valentine's Event at the PJ SALVAGE office on Saturday.
The NAIL TRUCK was parked out front!!! 

I was obsessed with these fuzzy coats!!! WANT SO BADLY!! 

These PJs were cute too!

I wanted everything..

 Drinks by Ritual Wellness

 I made some bathsalt with Daily Spa Living

 I let her try some.

 Then I did some eye treatement and lip gloss plumping treatment. Super interesting!

 Kinda lovin this Nila Anthony Bag!

 I ran into Jen and met some new bloggers..

I tried this coat/robe on and absolutely fell in love with how soft it was!!
dress: free people
fuzzy coat: PJ Salvage
shoes: Koolaburra

Lauren, Peter, Erika

 Stephanie & Lily
 army jacket by JAC VANEK
 me & lily

 Love this Nail Truck!!!

 Follow them on everything! 
Instagram: @thenailtruck
Twitter: @thenailtruck
Facebook: @thenailtruck
 Zooey had a boo boo..

 It was getting close to nap time...
Zooey's #ootd
poncho: ultraviolet kids
leggings: uniqlo
shoes: converse

Big Thanks to all of the sponsors!

  All my goodies!

It's been a little over a year now that I've moved back from Tokyo and I decided that this year I was going to attend more 'blogger' events.  It was nice running into familiar faces but there were a lot of new faces as well.  I get shy around people I don't know and I still feel a bit out of place here but I know that the more I come out, it will be like how I made it in Tokyo, I'll start to remember almost everyone that I meet!  Hopefully I can keeping bringing Zooey out with me too! She had a blast.  I wasn't sure the names of a few of the bloggers in this post but if you know who they are let me know and I will tag them.

more info:
Veggie Grill


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