Monday, June 2, 2014


I finally purchased something I couldn't stop thinking about on Fancy.Com
How cute is this packaging?  

I was overly excited about these stickers. 
Very good touch.

and these babies... soooo cute or WHAT!?
I mean.. SO CUTE RIGHT!?!?

and look so cute on my feet! 

It's been a while since I've shopped... Since becoming a mother, I've had to seriously budget, and when I did make a little bit of money, I spent it on cute clothes for baby Zooey.  Or on FOOD and know, the survival basics.. but a while ago, I received some shopping credit from a really long while ago..and I had the urge to spend it on really cute baby stuff, but this voice in my head kept reminding me what my friend who gifted me this card told me, "Mai, please buy something nice for Yourself" I saved this card...I saved it until now..and I spent it on these suuuper comfy Birkenstocks! I'm so happy !! So very very Happy!!! I almost spent some of the credit on the Despicable me Minon Iphone case, but easily got over that.. phew! Very glad I did. 

Anyhow, It was so easy to purchase this!!! Have you ever shopped on It's very addicting and they have the best photos of the most basic and interesting products, so it can be really difficult to fight the urge to want to buy everything.  So thank goodness for the FANCY button, and the menu where I can go back and just stare at the things I fancied.  

You can even purchase a FANCY BOX from a celebrity.  I mean, what celebrity fan wouldn't love that!!! So tempting. Anyhow, if you haven't already tried it, check out  There is a drop menu so you can read it in any language that you need. Have Fun! Get fancy!

more info:

P.S. Brands, you can also become a merchant on here. You can do so by clicking here: 


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