Friday, November 11, 2011



I was a bit tired by the time I got to Jean Paul Gaultier so I apologize for the lack of photos!! There were many funky outfits all over but I just didn't have the power to shoot tonight. So Sorry!! Everyone was dancing and having a good time.  This was basically an ALL YOU CAN DRINK CHAMPAGNE party by PIPER HEIDSICK and because I can't drink right now, I couldn't really do much...but groove to Eri's dj set. HEHE  Anypoo, I want to visit this shop again in the daytime...lots of cool stuff!

It's located right outside of the B3 exit of GINZA station!



Miu Miu is a brand that I ALWAYS LOVED..but never had the courage to buy...This new shop was SOOO CUTE & BEAUTIFUL.. I wanted every single *flat* sparkling shoe!! The displays & layout of this store reminded me of my childhood girly and fantasy-like.. Dear Miu Miu, I loove you.

 Melody in miumiu 

 This building was actually 3 floors...HUGE.

 久しぶりにTHELMA with Melody

 with 大好きなGUNJIさん!♥

O-M-G i want all of these sparkly shoes....

 i don't think I can pull these off tho..

 these sneakers reminded me of a pastel version of rainbow brite..

 the girls♥


 love kazu kazu & kozue ♥

 so crowded on each floor...

 i love yulia's outfit! 

 I really felt like I was in asia..



Thursday, November 10, 2011

VERSACE FOR H&M - touched, tried on, and LOVED ♥

I didn't get to go to NY to celebrate the launch of VERSACE for H&M but I did get a chance to visit the pressroom to see & touch everything before it goes on sale in stores NOVEMBER 19th 10:00AM!

 i want the pillows...........


 and this...HEHE 

 so versace .. love.

 so 80's!! love !!

 these prints reminded me of CSI MIAMI. HEHE

i kinda love his

 ♥LOVE my おかまふたご

 i ♥ tabasa!!!!!

I'm not going to bother describing this collection because, you can see how cool and colorful it is in all the photos and well, everyone and their mom who have seen it have said everything that I would wanna say about it. Especially after the fashion show & amazing after party last night in New York..which had a crazy line up with Nicki Minaj & PRINCE!! WOW! I'm sure you will have your own opinions when you see it by yourself.  Items go on sale at all H&M SHOPS in JAPAN on NOVEMBER 19th 10am! Are you gonna line up!?? VERSACE FOR H&M やばいよね。

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