Thursday, June 18, 2015


Zooey and I stopped by the Mr. Kate #ahotgluegunmess Book Launch Party the other week at Space 15 Twenty. It was cute. 

Zooey got to choose a flower from Bloom That.
Amy was Djing.
Amy + Zooey
It started getting crowded when we got there..
So we grabbed some free ice cream from McConnell's. They didn't have Vanilla so Zooey didn't have any.. 
I didn't have enough hands to hold a drink so I didn't get to try these delicious looking Diabolo Sodas.

Zooey met Kate.
They talked about nails.

The line to buy her book got super long..

Then we found a photobooth inside Urban Outfitters! I was so shocked that Zooey understood about the props. You can see the photo here ... She didn't want to leave...

 but it was time to go home..

Zooey's #OOTD
Dress: Ode To Jeune
Satchel: Kate Spade for Baby Gap
Boots: Dr. Martens

More info: Mr. Kate

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