Sunday, October 19, 2014


I've been obsessed with Shop Sweet Threads instagram recently and realized that the shop was located in Long Beach so we HAD to drop in. OMG, the experience of this shop is so perfect!  The design of the shop was not exactly how I thought it would be (in a good way!), as I'm so used to shopping in the mall (yuck i know..) but I was nostalgic of all the vintage toys and absolutely LOVED how cute the shop was!!  Zooey woke up from her nap immediately and wanted to play with all the vintage toys.. 

 Since moving back to LA..I thought that it was going to be so hard to find Zooey cute kids clothes like I was able to find in Tokyo..but after being introduced to Ultraviolet Kids, it opened the gates to a never-ending discovery of so many fashionable brands made in LA and all these super cute online stores!! 

This is the vintage section...suuuuper cute!!!

a little cameo by my koolaburra
 um melissa!!!

 my friend's brand TINY WHALES is sold here. 

  #babyzooey got a little carried away with choosing things to play with and I felt so bad for not paying attention to her since I was too busy gasping at how cute everything was.. But I guess she was having too much fun playing with her favorite items and the owner Shella, was so nice about it.  Zooey has good taste doesn't she?

Pink & Green shoes: Native Shoes
White hanging thing: Peacock & Co
Beanie: Tiny Whales
Moccassins on her hands (lol): Moccs by Robin

HOW ADORABLE IS THIS VAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing I tell you...

If anyone is near Long Beach, this shop definately deserves a visit.  They also sell online if you don't live too close.  I was told that they will be moving about a block away soon into a bigger space and I'm so excited about what they will be doing to the place.  But in the meantime...

more info..


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