Wednesday, June 22, 2011

LIV LO presents GIRLS TREAT BOYS vol.2 @FBAR JULY 2nd 2011 SAVE THE DATE!!!!!!!!

After the HUGE success of our first GTB party, we are back with part 2! Sign up soon as we already have lots of pre-reservations from the last event & this time round we have extra special guest DJ & world famous fashion photographer; YONE!!!!

今回の開催で二回目となる「Girls treat Boys」パーティ!!一回目のGTBパーティが大成功に終わり、第二回目はさらに豪華なゲストを迎えて開催します。ゲストDJは世界的に有名なファッションフォトグラファーYONEの出演が決定!!

Also, we will be having a secret, limited numbers GTB 'Water edition' this summer & only people attending this event on July 2nd will receive the invite, so make sure you are there! ;)

7月2日のパーティに来た人だけがGTB 'Water edition' のチケットをゲットできます。みんなGTB 'Water edition' に参加してね!!


Tonight ‘Girls treat Boys’.....

International model Liv Lo’s brand new event ‘Girls treat Boys’ is the hottest, funnest new event in Tokyo!.....

インターナショナルモデルLiv Loがプロデュースするイベント‘Girls treat Boys’は東京で一番ホットで楽しいイベント!!

“The evening starts earlier at 8:30pm with an intimate, classy, GIRLS ONLY cocktail party & buffet where quality food will be served by handsome male staff along with an open bar for 2hours! At 11pm the party starts and the boys are let in to find their treats. Every girl has in her possession a 'Girls treat Boys' Belvedere Vodka drink ticket which she must present at the bar for a boy she fancies. Boy's, this is your incentive to drink for free so get mingling and get treated! ;)

8:30pmから上品で落ち着いた雰囲気の中、GIRLS ONLYのディナータイム。ビュッフェとオープンバーでおいしい食事をハンサムなメンズスタッフがサーブします
23pmからはパーティータイム。ここからはメンズも参加OK!!ガールズたちは“Girls treat Boys”ドリンクチケットを受け取って、気になるメンズにプレゼントしよう。メンズはそのチケットでフリードリンクを飲めるので、ガールズからBelvedere Vodka drinkチケットをゲットしてね!!

Come get us boys!


Liv Lo”


Girls treat Boys - Sponsored by Belvedere Vodka

F.Bar - Azabu Juban, Tokyo

Date / Times:
Saturday July 2nd
Girls ONLY cocktail party & buffet: 8:30pm-10:30pm
Club event for all: 11pm-5am

Event DJs:
* YONE (CexWork)
* Liv Lo (Image models, Tokyo / TGC / Ravijour / Glamorous)
* Mai ちゃん (TRIP'S ANGELS)
* Aron T (dB UKi / Defected in the House, Tokyo)

* 8:30pm-10:30pm - Girls ONLY cocktail party & buffet:
3,000yen (includes buffet dinner, open-bar, entry to club event after + a special drink ticket for the boys! ;))
* 11pm-5am - Club event, for boys and girls:
Men: 2500yen w/1d + hunt down as many free drink tickets as you can from the girls! ;)
Women: 1000yen w/2d + a special drink ticket for the boys! ;)
* Club event VIP tables:
3,000yen per head + minimum 1 bottle spend (from 15,000yen) + 15% tax

Please contact dB UKi ONLY for cocktail party reservations and club event VIP table bookings:

"Cocktail party & buffet from 8:30pm-10:30pm is limited to women only"
"Please arrive promptly at 8:30pm"


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