Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Day 1 of the Playground Show came and went. Thank goodness for my WEESTRUCTED coffee mug, and my portable charger!! My phone almost died twice! Isn't the Playground booklet SUPER cute! Whoever designed this is a genius!

 Hi Zooey!

 We started off walking around and I let Zooey take her own photos, but then she found the donuts..
 She licked most of the pink frosting off the top but then someone offered her a lollipop..
 Zooey's #OOTD
Dress: Marin + Morgan (who showed last season)
Bloomers: Ultraviolet Kids
Boots: Dr. Martens

I met so many amazing brands today! Some that I already knew through Instagram and some that I didn't know before but really enjoyed learning about the history of their brand and how they started! How brands are made and the concept behind them really made a difference for me!  How important the brand's social media is even more important but I won't get into that now..hehe Let me introduce you to some of the brands that caught Zooey's eye, in no particular order.

Organic Only + Eco Friendly 
These rompers are SO CUTE!

I obsessed over these dresses! I learned that the Silk screen and prints are from India!
Their booth is really cute and I really recommend popping by.

 Zooey was obsessed with this booth. I think it was the combination of the soft fleece fabric and the colorful sweets designs. This brand looks like one that you would find at specialty shops in Japan and I remember owning a few items in winter! 

 3. Kardashian Kids

Do I even need to say anything about this brand? The name and affiliation with the Kardashian family has already earned them 1 Million followers on Instagram! Tho watching #KUWTK is my guilty pleasure, I was excited to see that they launched a kids line. I haven't seen it around in stores anywhere and was happy to check out the items in person today. 

As you can see, the girl's clothes are very girly.

This was MY favorite piece. I heard Zooey is actually wearing the 18-24M size, but how Margot from The Royal Tenenbaums cute is it!!! I need this coat for Zooey, even tho it doesn't get warm enough in the winter in Southern Cali!

 This booth was SUPER cute..and Sunglasses. We all know that Zooey loves Sunglasses. Unfortunately they only make sunglasses for ages 5 YR and up. (*sadface)
 The designs are so cute!

  And their booth was busy ALL DAY!

I have a personal connection with this brand because it's a brand from Japan. When you pass this booth the design is super fun and creative just like how you would imagine Kids Brands in Japan would be! There were very colorful prints and pattern matching. Zooey felt at home here. Can I just say that SURFBOARD is everything...

I'll be back at Playground Show again today with Zooey and helping her do their Instagram Takeover! 
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