Monday, September 29, 2014


Once in a while, I want to show my outfits..but for those of you who already follow me, you know that I don't normally do so..but when I do it turns out like this.
top: Jac Vanek
flanel: Jac Vanek
food: In 'n' Out
Hubby had a birthday. It's supposed to be his year this year being a Virgo and all. It feels like it's going to be spectacular from now on! 

 #babyzooey is growing up happy and healthy.
jumpsuit: baby gap

 We would sometimes hang out at IKEA so that she could get some playtime in...I ended up buying her a kitchen and new rugs...
top: baby gap
shorts: H&M Baby
 I think it's time to get her some new duvet's and sheets for her toddler bed!

 I found these wall stickers at DAISO and let Zooey decorate this horrendously painted wall which my sister and her friend decided to paint eons ago...
top: baby gap
I went to a networking event in LA hosted by Crushee..
 Rin Rin and I met up with some friends..

 I was kind of into his tattoos..

then he took off his
 I visited the Anaheim Packing District with Onch and Rin Rin.. that place was so much fun but I would only wanna go there with friends. 
 We went swimming a few times with Noa chan and Ryuma. 
Zooey LOOOOVES swimming now..but I'm sure it's about to get a little chillier now..

top: lovemade
shorts: volcom women's
sunglasses: TOM FORD 
 we've been keeping busy so she passes out pretty easily too..
shorts: h&m kids

I decided to finally make zooey's instagram account a few weeks ago..
You can follower her here: 
Her Facebook Page is still in the works but you can like it here:
Her website will be coming soon....
See you for Halloween?

What are you all going to be?


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