Thursday, July 3, 2014

When your 2 year old refuses to go to bed...

How many of you moms out there have a hard time putting your 2 year old to bed these days?  Zooey usually sleeps in until almost 9am every morning, and takes really long naps during the day (about 3-4 hours), so I'm quite certain this is why it has been really hard to get her to bed by 9pm every night.  It's constantly a struggle... We give her a bath at 8pm, brush her teeth, then go to the bedroom to read a few books...but still, it's a fight and she's always super energetic!!  We turn of the lights and she still runs around the room and climbs on and off the beds even though hubby and I fake sleep.  We fake sleep to the point where we sometimes pass out...and sometimes, she says she has to 'poo poo' and tho I know that 98% of the time she's lying and just wants to go outside of the room..I still have to take her! 

But TONIGHT....I tried something...while Zooey was running all over the room I jumped on the bed scared saying I saw a spider..  I told Zooey that she was being too noisy and that the spider is sleeping (taking a nap) and if she is too loud the spider will wake up and come..and that was scary for mommy!  I couldn't believe it but it worked.  It got her to stop being so noisy and to lay down in her bed!!!!!! TRIUMP!!!! Here is proof. 

Zooey wasn't really scared at all, but instead wanted to be considerate of the spider.  She didn't want to wake him up.  She even said 'WOW" when I told her the spider was taking a nap and she needed to be quiet.  I was then able to sneak out of the room and share my success story. lol.  I want to hear your success stories...What have you done to help your toddler go to bed when they refuse to?? 

oh the joy of #motherhood


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