Tuesday, July 1, 2014


FINALLY, I was in town for the Dear Creatures sample sale!!!! I arrived a bit late so some of my photos are from the dear creatures crew..I heard it was a great success!!!

Very cute place for taking photos!

Huuuuuuge LINE (photo by Rob)


this reminded me of the paul frank sample sale days... gosh that was even MORE massive!!

look at all the items ready to be taken off the racks!

this looked so much fun.. tho I heard that it was quite hot and sweaty for most people. 

cute little DJ @muktamohan

Bianca x #babyzooey

 and zooey made a friend..

 All the goodies I got! How would you style these items?

For those of you that don't know Dear Creatures, it's a super cute brand by my friend Bianca & her husband Rob Sinclair.  I don't want to go into trying to describe how this brand reminds me of Nancy Drew with a nautical spice but recommend you check out their website to get the image of the style hands-on.  It's the outfit every cute girl would want to wear, but not in a POP kind of way.  Cute and smart with a pair of flats or mary janes.  My icon Zooey Deschanel often wears it.  

More info here: Dear Creatures

Are you a Dear Creatures girl? 


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