Sunday, June 29, 2014


Free Food? Yes please!  (tho I've been trying to be on this diet...but you know how that
I had an opportunity to go report about this yummy food event and took that chance right away!  I will report about the fashion in my NEXT report, but first let me share with you the food trucks that I had a chance to try..I got there a little late so ended up having to stand in line with everyone else!!! I know now, to not do THAT felt like standing in line for rides at disneyland...and we were starving..
 OMG it was so crowded..lines forming everywhere...

This was the first place we tried...yummy potato filled dumplings!

baby zooey loved it!
 some places had really nice and cute displays at their booths..


and some didn't have nice displays....

Let me be honest about this dude dressed like a banana..I don't like saying bad things about people, especially on my blog.. but he was the most annoying guy with a MIC ever. He kept saying "mother f*cker" over and over and there were kids in line including baby zooey..I asked him politely if he could watch his language- be considerate enough to make it PG-13 at least in front of the kids.. and he said ' SORRY I DONT STOP CUSSING FOR ANYONE'.. I MEAN..what a douche. a big fat douche in a banana costume.
I guess they are trying to be funny here.. HAHA for 2 seconds. but that dude in the banana suit made is so not funny anymore. 
and this is what we got for standing in line listening to that dude. 

I was SO HAPPY to see THESE GUYS!!!!
Uncle Lanai x Baby Zooey
Yummy drinks

 wanted to try this place so badly but the line was tooooo long!

Hubby was craving curry this entire time so he was excited to find this place..
but, it was ちょうふつ。。w

This place looked really popular tooooo..

oooh vietnamese coffee popscicle!!!

looked so good..but I only took a photo...bad for my diet. lol
EEEK!!! been wanting to try this!!!

it was so science nerdy!! loved it!!
and OMG the best ice cream I have ever had!!!!!!!!!!
45 min wait for this, but I didn't wait..hehe

this booth made something pretty questionable..I wish they made something more easy to was like a salsa kind of thing with seafood in it.. being vietnamese tho, I was disappointed!!! 
but his t shirt was cute so...

 I unfortunately couldn't wait in line for this one.. booo

got this instead.
there was a sweet lemon taste to this jasmine rice...

she was so cute...
yummmmy glazed waffles!


grilled cheese with tomato basil soup!! it was amazing.....

this booth was super cute...
 carbonated mango juice

organic pizza

I wish we could have tried more food.  We weren't even close to being full towards the end. But it was our first time, so next time we will plan better! (and get there earlier!)

I look forward to next year!!! 

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