Friday, November 19, 2010


Welcome to Q-POT
I think it's the only building you will find that looks like a huge chocolate bar.

if you open each piece of this chocolate can find treats inside..

this is the Ladies & Gentlemen line...
The mustache necklace is one of my favorites...we bought the last one!

do you like pasta?

there's a pasta kingdom

this is squid ink pasta jewelry

are you a dentist? are you obsessed with teeth?

check out this paperweight!

and if you go upstairs to the parlor...


soooooo CUTE!!!


then back downstairs...
do u like baguettes?


i got the black one!

so these are the patties..and you can make your own burger necklace!!
choose these pieces...

or if you want a ring..
they are already made for you..hehe

Q-pot is a Japanese Jewelry Brand created by Tadaaki Wakamatsu, where the term Q-pot means 'mysterious pot'..for you will never know what will come out of it! I discovered Q-pot when I first moved to Japan 5 years ago. They used to have a little shop shaped like a house in the backstreets of Harajuku and I used to collect their Ice Cream Scoop rings. Recently, I realized that they had moved to Aoyama and expanded their diversity of items in this HUGE Chocolate Bar designed building. Everything about each line and whatever is in the shop has a story behind them and every story is impressively interesting! One of my favorites that I was told was that in this building there are 10 ants (not real ants, but stuck on the walls somewhere). In Japanese, ari- means ant..and the kanji for 10 is -to ---and there you have ARI-GA-TO! So fun! If you would like to drop by this shop and are in's very easy to find..Take the train to Omotesando station and take the B2 exit. When you get out (there is a KFC) you make kind of a U turn when you get to the top of the station exit (right then right) and then make a LEFT on the first little street. You will find Q-pot about 30 seconds down the road on the Right hand side. I guarantee you will leave feeling very happy because of the overload in cuteness.


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