Friday, December 25, 2009

PARTY REPORT. Mai Last Day PARTY run in TOKYO of 2009 @ Camelot, Womb, Nuts, Air

First stop: Camelot

I dropped by to see my girl, DJ AMIGA

It was super packed at midnight!

a really dasai santa girl..

then next stop: WOMB for FLJ's event

then off to NUTS.. my last experience at Nuts before they close down.. sad..

I ran into so many old friends here and i have to say we all have the same feeling about 2009.. so glad that it's over... I'm wondering tho, where will all the hiphop artists perform at and party now?????? i guess we can start going to the underground clubs again??? Family? Game?

then, it's off to AIR to see my JENNY..

the dj was sooo good.

I didnt realize I was out so late.......because I had to pack and clean my house before my was already 5am......I got home, started cleaning and packing and finished right around 11am and jumped on the limobus to NRT.....What a day. No sleep. There were so many good parties tonight but I couldnt go to them because they were too far and I had to pack etc.. Well, tokyo, thank u for all the parties in 2009. See you again next year........i'm off to LA. (I'm in LA now...)


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