Saturday, August 15, 2009

PARTY REPORT. TNH presents SHUT UP @ La Fabrique 8.15

kosuke x 2boy

i heart peli!!!

i heart SEX
(takeshi x emiko)
one of my favorite dj's!!

heart chaki (lowbrows)


cheri baby where have u beeen?

my dan dan

I usually don't follow this party but because CHaki and 2 boy were DJ-ing I came out. The DJ line up was not bad and everyone was dancing their butts off on the dance floor. One sad thing is that 2 boy's DJ set got cut short by a certain someone who's DJ I like as well, but this just proves that 2 boy is TOO NICE! Don't let others jump in between your sets homie (even tho I do it sometimes..hehe)!!!! man, o-bon week is over huh? everyone back to work tomorrow?!


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