Thursday, May 28, 2009

PARTY REPORT. FRENCH NIGHT & Spencer Product's last night in tokyo @ le baron

This post is dedicated to Spencer Product. i miss you soooooo much already!!!!!


spencer x patrick x harrison x luli x arrow

photo by quentin. i heart housse de rackets.

and then we go karaoke~

i heart quentin!!

but most of all, i LOVE SPENCER.

xoxo arrow

i heart karaoke! it's so healthy for the soul and gives me so much power-c. it's essential in my life. note to self. karaoke at least twice a month! btw i just realized the housse de racket performed at the vitamin water pop up bar in paris! i knew we had a connection. tee hee


next stop: back to nuts. (yes arrow, i went back!)

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