Monday, March 25, 2013


Japan Fashion Week has come to an end and Chris Griffin from WWDMAGIC was in town so I took him around to some runway shows and explored some shops that could possibly do well in the states.  We talked about the show in February and I reminisced about how I had so much fun roaming the floor and discovering brands that I had never heard of before!  As seen above, I was supporting the brand that I absolutely loved the most..POPMOLLY !  The bag made of sustainable rubber was designed to so perfectly I couldn't help but use it everyday during the tradeshow!  Anyone who knows me also knows that I am an accessories driven gal so bracelets from Bar H BrandGypsy Junkies,  and a 'maisassygirl' affirmation bracelet made at the BCBGENERATION VIP BOOTH were also on my wrist everyday.  I can't wait to attend Magic Market Week in August!! I hope to continue to discover things that I didn't know about the fashion world..for instance, more about sourcing..spend more time at FN PLATFORM (shoes!!) and of course spend my time more wisely so that I can check out every booth on every floor!! ( I didn't do this efficiently before- OOPS!)  Anypoo, I really believe that Japanese brands are ready to expand to the US Market..I can see them doing so well here at Magic Market Week!!

JFWもう終わりました!お疲れさまでした!!!先週WWDMAGICのChris GriffinさんがJFWのために東京に来て、毎日一緒にショーといろんなブランドショップみに行きました。やっぱり日本のブランドがアメリカにいていいかな思って!MAGICの展示会はすごいから日本のブランド出たらやばくない!???最初誰がにいけるかな?!これから日本のブランド頑張って!!私手伝うから!!hehehe


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