Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Dear Readers...
I've been sooo busy with a lot of new projects since I've been back so again I'm sorry for the lack of updates!!!  Anyhow, as you may have noticed, I've been promoting something called T/L/A recently.  This is TRIP'S ANGEL'S new clothing line.
  T / L / A 
T/L/A はArtist ” trip “のグラフィックを中心とした、ストリートを意識したユニセックスブランドです。


T/L/A is a unisex street brand which mainly features graphics by Trip. The collection expresses art in daily life through fashion and it’s casual and “rough body” style is perfect for your everyday wardrobe.


I've also been given a new duty to do PR for Maho's organic leather brand N°8VANI

  N°8 VANI 
“N°8 VANI は、トランスフォームコンビネーションを可能とするレザーブランドです。


N°8 VANI is a leather brand which offers various styling combinations in each collection piece. You will become addicted to this brand as you are to vanilla perfume.

ALSO, I've been meaning to announce that my team ” TRIP’S ANGELS ” WEBSITE IS NOW OFFICIALLY WORKING! lol. PLEASE CHECK IT!


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